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SimConnect - An API to enable add-on components communicate with Flight Simulator. SimConnect was first introduced with Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Typically the components will perform one or more of the following:

  • Add the processing for a new complex gauge, or other instrument, to Flight Simulator X.
  • Replace Flight Simulator X processing of one or more events with new logic.
  • Record or monitor a flight.
  • Extend the mission system of Flight Simulator X.
  • Create and set the flight plans for AI (non-user) aircraft.
  • Set different weather systems.
  • Enable new hardware to work with Flight Simulator X.
  • Control an additional camera that the user can optionally select to view.


SimConnect is an integral part of FSX.

When you install FSX RTM, SimConnect is installed as part of that process.

When you upgrade FSX RTM to SP1, SP2, or Acceleration/SP2, their related SimConnect versions are additionally installed as part of that process.

The SDK includes SimConnect msi packages for all FSX versions.
These msi packages are solely provided for use on a second PC, (i.e. one without FSX installed),
to enable a client executable running thereon, to communicate with FSX running on your other PC.


SimConnect Forum - For questions not addressed in these Wiki articles. Review, ask, and discuss, these related matters, (Default - Opens in same window).