Changing GMax material editor startup location

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If you have ever worked with GMax on a multi monitor setup, you might be familiar with this situation. You did put your material editor window on the second monitor, but the next time you start GMax you do not have the second monitor connected. If you now click the material editor button the material editor will happily appear on your second monitor. This means

Here are the steps to fix this problem:

  • Go to the folder where your GMax gamepack is installed
  • Open the GMax.ini file with a text editor
  • Look for these lines:
 MainWindow=-985 121 376 594
  • The first two values are the XY position where the dialog is displayed. As you can see I had a negative value, which put it on my second screen (to the left of the main screen). So change these coordinates to something on your main screen:
 MainWindow=124 121 376 594
  • Start GMax again and things should be working fine again.