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The CustomDraw Map Guidebook documents use of the XML map variables available in FS9 and FSX and key differences between the two versions. This guidebook is a companion to the FS9GPS Module guidebook released in 2011.

The guidebook is available by download from the BlackBox website:

BlackBox/Guidebooks - Robbie McElrath's website

In addition to the map variables, the guide discusses calibration of CustomDraw map and XML gauge scales so that the following types of applications are possible:

- Transform mouse X and Y into longitude and latitude
- Create map overlays for the CustomDraw base
- Coordinate rotation for TrackUp=1
- TAWS map
- TCAS map overlay using ITrafficInfo variables
- Mouse click distance, bearing, latitude and longitude
- Nearest search centered on a mouse click point rather than user's aircraft
- Add a flight plan waypoint by mouse click
- Stationary Map vs. Moving Map

A fully functional XML gauge is also available that demonstrates all of the above applications. The example gauge requires installation of Tom Aguilo’s XMLVars class which is bundled with the XMLTools XML expansion module. It can be freely downloaded from:

XMLTOOLS 2.0: XML expansion module for FSX v2.0. And, the P3D version.

XMLVars is also available as a stand alone module for FS9.