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Custom Actions can only be use if you have a simConnect client that excepts Payload Strings that can be read by your program.

I would recomend Jim Keir’s Mission Editor for FSX if you want to use custom action. He has payload Strings that can connect to the simconnect SimVars...

IF : Test any SimVar

SET : Set any writeable SimVar

DEBUG : Switch the extension’s debug messages on or off

PROFILE : Set an internal variable

SAVEONFAIL : Save the profile even if the mission fails

FUELLEAK : Start or stop a controlled fuel leak

MESSAGE : Display a small text message on screen

FXTRACK : Attach a visual effect to the player or an AI

METAR : Set local or global weather

WXSTATION : Create a new weather station

EVENT : Send a simulator event

PROFILENAME : Set the name of the file to store the mission profile in

WPT : Set dynamic waypoints relative to the player or an AI

SIMRATE : Set the simulation speed