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One of the major tasks in developing CYYJ (2007) – a FS9 and FSX compatible add-on covering the Victoria (BC, Canada) International Airport and other nearby facilities – was the implementation of “drive-through” (sometimes called “forward-exit”) parking, which is used exclusively at the real CYYJ. My focus while doing so was on realism and, I gather as a consequence, I must have attempted some unusual (though legitimate) techniques. Because, at every turn, I seemed to encounter another obstacle thrown-up by MFS. Few of these situations pertained exclusively to “drive-through” parking. Most were generic AI problems. I spent considerable time trying to understand what was going on “inside” MFS, in order to find a way to overcome the problems. I learned of some unusual things about MFS’ processing of AI, things that (based on the reaction to several posts I made to various forums) apparently are not well known. I thought it useful to collect all this new-found knowledge in one place. Hence, this tutorial.

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