GPS Variables: How to Access

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GPS variables: How to Access

Get: (C:fs9gps:VARNAME, UNITS)

Set: (>C:fs9gps:VARNAME, UNITS)

Airport Data

Var name String? Units Example in GPS? Get? Set?
WaypointAirportICAO X string X X X
WaypointAirportIdent X string X X  
WaypointAirportKind   enum X X  
WaypointAirportLongestRunwayDirection   degrees X X  
WaypointAirportType   enum X X  
WaypointAirportName X string X X  
WaypointAirportCity X string X X  
WaypointAirportRegion X string X X  
WaypointAirportLatitude   degrees X X  
WaypointAirportLongitude   degrees X X  
WaypointAirportElevation   meters X X  
WaypointAirportFuel1 X string X X  
WaypointAirportFuel2 X string X X  
WaypointAirportBestApproachEnum   enum   X  
WaypointAirportBestApproach X string X X  
WaypointAirportRadarCoverage   enum X X  
WaypointAirportAirspace X string X X  
WaypointAirportTowered   bool   X  
WaypointAirportCurrentFrequency   number X X X
WaypointAirportFrequenciesNumber   number X X  
WaypointAirportFrequencyName X number X X  
WaypointAirportFrequencyLimit   enum X X  
WaypointAirportFrequencyValue   hz X X  
WaypointAirportFrequencyType   enum X X  
WaypointAirportCurrentRunway   number X X X
WaypointAirportRunwaysNumber   number X X  
WaypointAirportRunwayLatitude   degrees X X  
WaypointAirportRunwayLongitude   degrees X X  
WaypointAirportRunwayElevation   meters   X  
WaypointAirportRunwayDirection   degrees   X  
WaypointAirportRunwayDesignation X string   X  
WaypointAirportRunwayLength   meters X X  
WaypointAirportRunwayWidth   meters X X  
WaypointAirportRunwaySurface   enum X X  
WaypointAirportRunwayLighting   enum X X  
WaypointAirportCurrentApproach   number X X X
WaypointAirportApproachesNumber   number X X  
WaypointAirportApproachName X number X X  
WaypointAirportApproachGps   bool X X  
WaypointAirportApproachTransitionsNumber   number X X  
WaypointAirportApproachCurrentTransition   number X X X
WaypointAirportApproachTransitionName X string X X  
WaypointAirportApproachTransitionLatitude   degrees X X  
WaypointAirportApproachTransitionLongitude   degrees X X  
WaypointAirportApproachTransitionSize   meters X X  

Intersection Data

Var name String? Units Example? Get? Set?
WaypointIntersectionICAO X string X X X
WaypointIntersectionIdent X string X X  
WaypointIntersectionCity X string   X  
WaypointIntersectionRegion X string X X  
WaypointIntersectionLatitude   degrees X X  
WaypointIntersectionLongitude   degrees X X  
WaypointIntersectionType   enum   X  
WaypointIntersectionNearestVorIdent X string X X  
WaypointIntersectionNearestVorType   enum   X  
WaypointIntersectionNearestVorTrueRadial   degrees   X  
WaypointIntersectionNearestVorMagneticRadial   degrees X X  
WaypointIntersectionNearestVorDistance   meters X X  

NDB Data

Var name String? Units e.g. in GPS Get? Set?
WaypointNdbICAO X string X X X
WaypointNdbIdent X string X X  
WaypointNdbType   enum X X  
WaypointNdbName X string X X  
WaypointNdbCity X string X X  
WaypointNdbRegion X string X X  
WaypointNdbLatitude   degrees X X  
WaypointNdbLongitude   degrees X X  
WaypointNdbElevation   meters   X  
WaypointNdbFrequency   hz X X  
WaypointNdbWeatherBroadcast   enum X X  
WaypointNdbMagneticVariation   degrees   X  

VOR Data

Var name String? Units Example in GPS? Get? Set?
WaypointVorICAO X string X X X
WaypointVorIdent X string X X  
WaypointVorType   enum X X  
WaypointVorClass   enum X X  
WaypointVorName X string X X  
WaypointVorCity X string X X  
WaypointVorRegion X string X X  
WaypointVorLatitude   degrees X X  
WaypointVorLongitude   degrees X X  
WaypointVorElevation   meters   X  
WaypointVorFrequency   hz X X  
WaypointVorWeatherBroadcast   enum X X  
WaypointVorMagneticVariation   degrees X X  

Nearest Airport Data

Var name String? Units Example in GPS Get? Set?
NearestAirportCurrentLatitude   degrees X X X
NearestAirportCurrentLongitude   degrees X X X
NearestAirportMaximumItems   number X X X
NearestAirportMaximumDistance   meters X X X
NearestAirportItemsNumber   number X X  
NearestAirportCurrentLine   number X X X
NearestAirportCurrentICAO X string X X  
NearestAirportCurrentIdent X string X X  
NearestAirportCurrentAirportKind   enum X X  
NearestAirportCurrentLongestAirportDirection   meters X X  
NearestAirportCurrentDistance   meters X X  
NearestAirportCurrentTrueBearing   degrees X X  
NearestAirportCurrentBestApproachEnum   enum   X  
NearestAirportCurrentBestApproach X string X X  
NearestAirportCurrentComFrequencyName X string X X  
NearestAirportCurrentComFrequencyValue   hz X X  
NearestAirportCurrentLongestRunwayLength   meters X X  

Nearest Intersection Data

Var name String? Units Example? Get? Set?
NearestIntersectionCurrentLatitude   degrees X X X
NearestIntersectionCurrentLongitude   degrees X X X
NearestIntersectionMaximumItems   number X X X
NearestIntersectionMaximumDistance   meters X X X
NearestIntersectionCurrentFilter   enum   X X
NearestIntersectionAddIntersectionType   enum     X
NearestIntersectionRemoveIntersectionType   enum     X
NearestIntersectionSetDefaultFilter   enum     X
NearestIntersectionItemsNumber   number X X  
NearestIntersectionCurrentLine   number X X X
NearestIntersectionCurrentICAO X string X X  
NearestIntersectionCurrentIdent X string X X  
NearestIntersectionCurrentType   enum   X  
NearestIntersectionCurrentDistance   meters X X  
NearestIntersectionCurrentTrueBearing   degrees X X  

Nearest VOR Data

Var name String? Units Example? Get? Set?
NearestVorCurrentLatitude   degrees X X X
NearestVorCurrentLongitude   degrees X X X
NearestVorMaximumItems   number X X X
NearestVorMaximumDistance   meters X X X
NearestVorCurrentFilter   enum   X X
NearestVorAddVorType   enum     X
NearestVorRemoveVorType   enum     X
NearestVorSetDefaultFilter   enum     X
NearestVorItemsNumber   number X X  
NearestVorCurrentLine   number X X X
NearestVorCurrentICAO X string X X  
NearestVorCurrentIdent X string X X  
NearestVorCurrentType   enum X X  
NearestVorCurrentFrequency   hz X X  
NearestVorCurrentDistance   meters X X  
NearestVorCurrentTrueBearing   degrees X X  

Nearest NDB Data

Var name String? Units Example? Get? Set?
NearestNdbCurrentLatitude   degrees X X X
NearestNdbCurrentLongitude   degrees X X X
NearestNdbMaximumItems   number X X X
NearestNdbMaximumDistance   meters X X X
NearestNdbItemsNumber   number X X  
NearestNdbCurrentLine   number X X X
NearestNdbCurrentICAO X string X X  
NearestNdbCurrentIdent X string X X  
NearestNdbCurrentType   enum   X  
NearestNdbCurrentFrequency   hz X X  
NearestNdbCurrentDistance   meters X X  
NearestNdbCurrentTrueBearing   degrees X X  

Nearest Airspace Data

Var name String? Units Example? Get? Set?
NearestAirspaceCurrentLatitude   degrees X X X
NearestAirspaceCurrentLongitude   degrees X X X
NearestAirspaceCurrentAltitude   meters X X X
NearestAirspaceTrueGroundTrack   degrees X X X
NearestAirspaceGroundSpeed   meters per second X X X
NearestAirspaceNearDistance   meters X X X
NearestAirspaceNearAltitude   meters X X X
NearestAirspaceAheadTime   seconds X X X
NearestAirspaceQuery   number X X X
NearestAirspaceMaximumItems   number X X X
NearestAirspaceMaximumDistance   meters X X X
NearestAirspaceItemsNumber   number X X  
NearestAirspaceCurrentLine   number X X X
NearestAirspaceCurrentName X string X X  
NearestAirspaceCurrentType   enum   X  
NearestAirspaceCurrentFrequency   hz   X  
NearestAirspaceCurrentFrequencyName X string   X  
NearestAirspaceCurrentMinAltitude   meters   X  
NearestAirspaceCurrentMaxAltitude   meters   X  
NearestAirspaceCurrentStatus   enum X X  
NearestAirspaceCurrentNearDistance   meters X X  
NearestAirspaceCurrentAheadTime   meters X X  

Message Data

Var name String? Units Example? Get? Set?
MessageItemsNumber   number X X  
MessageCurrentLine   number X X X
MessageCurrentType   enum X X  
NewMessagesNumber   number X X  
NewMessagesConfirm   number X   X

IcaoSearch Data

Var name String? Units Example Get? Set?
IcaoSearchInitialIcao X string X X X
IcaoSearchStartCursor X string X   X
IcaoSearchStopCursor   number X   X
IcaoSearchAdvanceCursor   number X   X
IcaoSearchAdvanceCharacter   number X   X
IcaoSearchEnterChar X string X   X
IcaoSearchBackupChar   number X   X
IcaoSearchCursorPosition   number X X  
IcaoSearchCurrentIdent X string X X  
IcaoSearchCurrentIcao X string X X X
IcaoSearchCurrentIcaoType X string X X  
IcaoSearchCurrentIcaoRegion X string X X  
IcaoSearchMatchedIcaosNumber   number X X  
IcaoSearchMatchedIcao   number X X X

NameSearch Data

Var name String? Units Example Get? Set?
NameSearchInitialIcao X string X X X
NameSearchInitialName X string X X X
NameSearchStartCursor X string X   X
NameSearchStopCursor   number X   X
NameSearchAdvanceCursor   number X   X
NameSearchAdvanceCharacter   number X   X
NameSearchEnterChar X string X   X
NameSearchBackupChar   number X   X
NameSearchCursorPosition   number X X  
NameSearchCurrentName X string X X X
NameSearchCurrentMatch   number X X  
NameSearchCurrentIcao X string X X  
NameSearchCurrentIcaoType X string   X  
NameSearchCurrentIcaoRegion X string   X  

FlightPlan Data

Var name String? Units Example? Get? Set?
FlightPlanTitle X string X X  
FlightPlanDescription X string   X  
FlightPlanIsActiveFlightPlan   bool X X  
FlightPlanIsLoadedApproach   bool X X  
FlightPlanIsActiveApproach   bool X X X
FlightPlanIsActiveWaypoint   bool X X X
FlightPlanIsDirectTo   bool X X X
FlightPlanDirectToWaypoint   number X X  
FlightPlanActiveWaypoint   number X X  
FlightPlanActiveApproachWaypoint   number X X  
FlightPlanIsActiveWaypointLocked   bool X X X
FlightPlanWaypointsNumber   number X X  
FlightPlanRouteType   enum   X  
FlightPlanFlightPlanType   enum   X  
FlightPlanDepartureAirportIdent X string   X  
FlightPlanDepartureName X string   X  
FlightPlanDepartureLatitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanDepartureLongitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanDepartureAltitude   meters   X  
FlightPlanDestinationAirportIdent X string   X  
FlightPlanDestinationName X string   X  
FlightPlanDestinationLatitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanDestinationLongitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanDestinationAltitude   meters   X  
FlightPlanAlternateAirportIdent X string   X  
FlightPlanAlternateName X string   X  
FlightPlanAlternateLatitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanAlternateLongitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanAlternateAltitude   meters   X  
FlightPlanCruisingAltitude   meters   X  
FlightPlanApproachWaypointType   enum   X  
FlightPlanApproachMode   enum   X  
FlightPlanApproachSegmentType   enum   X  
FlightPlanApproachSegmentDistance   meters   X  
FlightPlanApproachSegmentLength   meters   X  
FlightPlanApproachIsWaypointRunway   bool   X  
FlightPlanApproachAirportIdent X string X X  
FlightPlanApproachIndex   number   X  
FlightPlanApproachName X string X X  
FlightPlanApproachTransitionIndex   number X X  
FlightPlanApproachTransitionName X string X X  
FlightPlanIsApproachFinal   bool   X  
FlightPlanIsApproachMissed   boool   X  
FlightPlanActiveApproachWaypoint   number X X  
FlightPlanApproachWaypointsNumber   number X X  
FlightPlanApproachType   enum   X  
FlightPlanWaypointIndex   number X X X
FlightPlanWaypointLatitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanWaypointLongitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanWaypointAltitude   meters   X  
FlightPlanWaypointICAO X string X X  
FlightPlanWaypointIdent X string X X  
FlightPlanWaypointAirwayIdent X string   X  
FlightPlanWaypointType   enum   X  
FlightPlanWaypointMinAltitude   meters   X  
FlightPlanWaypointFrequency   hz   X  
FlightPlanWaypointMagneticHeading   degrees X X  
FlightPlanWaypointSpeedEstimate   meters per second   X  
FlightPlanWaypointDistance   meters   X  
FlightPlanWaypointDistanceTotal   meters   X  
FlightPlanWaypointDistanceRemaining   meters   X  
FlightPlanWaypointRemainingDistance   meters X X  
FlightPlanWaypointRemainingTotalDistance   meters X X  
FlightPlanWaypointTimeZoneDeviation   seconds   X  
FlightPlanWaypointETE   seconds   X  
FlightPlanWaypointATE   seconds   X  
FlightPlanWaypointEstimatedTimeRemaining   seconds   X  
FlightPlanWaypointETA   seconds   X  
FlightPlanWaypointFuelRemainedAtArrival   gallons   X  
FlightPlanWaypointEstimatedFuelConsumption   gallons   X  
FlightPlanWaypointActualFuelConsumption   gallons   X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachIndex   number X X X
FlightPlanWaypointApproachType   enum X X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachMode   enum   X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachName X string X X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachICAO X string   X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachLatitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachLongitude   degrees   X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachAltitude   meters   X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachTarget   meters X X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachLegDistance   meters   X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachLegTotalDistance   meters   X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachLegFromDistance   meters   X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachRemainingDistance   meters X X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachRemainingTotalDistance   meters X X  
FlightPlanWaypointApproachCourse   degrees X X  
FlightPlanNewWaypointLatitude   degrees     X
FlightPlanNewWaypointLongitude   degrees     X
FlightPlanNewWaypointIdent X string     X
FlightPlanNewWaypointICAO X string X   X
FlightPlanDirectToDestination   bool X   X
FlightPlanAddWaypoint   number     X
FlightPlanDeleteWaypoint   number     X
FlightPlanCancelDirectTo   bool     X
FlightPlanNewApproachAirport X string X   X
FlightPlanNewApproachApproach   number X   X
FlightPlanNewApproachTransition   number X   X
FlightPlanNewApproachMissed   bool X   X
FlightPlanNewApproachAddInitialLeg   enum X   X
FlightPlanLoadApproach   bool X   X

Facility Data

Var name String? Units Example? Get? Set?
FacilityICAO X string X X X
FacilityCode X string X X  
FacilityIdent X string X X  
FacilityValid   bool X X  
FacilityName X string X X  
FacilityCity X string X X  
FacilityRegion X string X X  
FacilityLatitude   degrees X X  
FacilityLongitude   degrees X X  
FacilityMagneticVariation   degrees   X  

Geocalc Data

Var name String? Units Example? Get? Set?
GeoCalcLatitude1   degrees X X X
GeoCalcLongitude1   degrees X X X
GeoCalcAzimuth1   degrees   X X
GeoCalcLatitude2   degrees X X X
GeoCalcLongitude2   degrees X X X
GeoCalcAzimuth2   degrees   X X
GeoCalcLength   meters   X X
GeoCalcCrossTrack   meters   X  
GeoCalcBearing   degrees X X  
GeoCalcDistance   meters   X  
GeoCalcIsIntersect   bool   X  
GeoCalcIntersectionLatitude   degrees   X  
GeoCalcIntersectionLatitude   degrees   X  
GeoCalcExtrapolationLatitude   degrees   X  
GeoCalcExtrapolationLongitude   degrees   X