Gmax ground poly: How to eliminate lines between each polygon

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When you make ground poly using gmax, you often see white line in between the ground poly. It has been asked so many times. I think it might be a good idea to have Wiki about this.

Please follow the steps here:

Step 1 in Photoshop

Make another layer of the original satellite photo and transform to be 2 pixels smaller

1. You have your satellite photo, cut in 1024x1024 each sheet now. Open your photo-editor software or Photoshop and press Ctrl A to select the whole texture of satellite image. Then press Ctrl-V to paste to the same file. This will create another layer and you have to work on this layer leaving the original one as it is.


2. Then you need to do transform-> scale the new layer.


If you want have the 2 pixels edge around the 1024 x 1024 sheet. You need to scale down to 1020 pixel (2 pixels each side, so there is 4 pixels smaller). It is (1020/1024)*100= 99.6 percent (2). You put this number to the scale tool bar then you get two layers in one photo.


Step 2 in Gmax

Unwrap your polygon and remap again to fit the smaller one

3. Then you go to gmax and map the texture. Then you unwrap your polygon and click on edit (3)

put the vertex to the picture that you just transform to be a bit smaller. Gmax will let you map the vertex in proportion to the whole texture. You need to map the texture to the position at the 2nd pixel and the 1022 th pixel. So you can calculate how it gonna be by 2/1024= 0.001 and 1022/1024=.998 to to all horizontal and vertical vertex . Just select the vertices in horizontal (and vertical each time) and put 0.001 and .998 into the box (4).


Now you have polygon that map on the texture of 1020 pixel, leaving 2 pixel (of the original 1024x1024 image) as the edge to eliminate the line in FS. It happens because the last pixel is not properly map.

Here are the pictures of Marc Laderach from this thread.[1]


FSX Poly 2.jpg


FSX Poly 1.jpg

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