How to determine the season of the terrain

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In this tutorial it is described how you can code seasonal changes for your object. As an improvement over using the 6F8 variable it is mentioned there that you can also check the day of the year. But how can you find the correct dates for the changes of the season in your area?

TMF Viewer

To do so you will need to use TMFViewer, which comes with the Terrain SDK. In the TMFViewer open the file seasons.bgl, which you will find in scenery\base\scenery. Using View -> Seasons you can now switch between the 12 seasons (months) that the default landclass scenery uses. The colors represent the season used at a certain location.

Below you see 12 images attached for the northwestern part of Europe. The colors match the seasons like this:

SP yellow
SU green
FA red
WI grey
HW white

The last remaining link before you can start coding is the days at which the different seasons start. Gerrish Grey has provided me with the following dates:

Season	Start	038A	End	038A
1	15/Jan	15	14/Feb	45
2	15/Feb	46	17/Mar	76
3	18/Mar	77	17/Apr	107
4	18/Apr	108	18/May	138
5	19/May	139	18/Jun	169
6	19/Jun	170	19/Jul	200
7	20/Jul	201	19/Aug	231
8	20/Aug	232	19/Sep	262
9	20/Sep	263	20/Oct	293
10	21/Oct	294	20/Nov	324
11	21/Nov	325	21/Dec	355
12	22/Dec	356	14/Jan	14

If I take a place at the left bottom of the images attached, this would for example lead to the following days for the seasons:

 77-169 spring
170-262 summer
263-324 fall
325- 76 winter

As you see this area does not have HW by default. You can now use these days to code the seasonal changes, as described in this tutorial.

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7
Season 8
Season 9
Season 10
Season 11
Season 12