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In the FSX GUI
on selecting a mission, then clicking Go To Briefing
FSX, or FSXA, will CTD with an MFC80.dll error.

This is an O/S .NET dll related error,
and nothing whatsoever to do with any missions or their coding.


From other posts, it appears this issue has been occuring since ~ March 2008.

For Visual Studio Express, or various AutoCAD products -
Each CTD was reported as an MFC80.dll v1833 error.
Later versions may reference a newer version DLL.


The FSX/A mission briefing GUI uses an activex tab control.

If a user has installed any software
which includes a later version .NET MFC dll, (affects any versions between v870 - v3078 inclusive).
This is a known issue with the MFC80.dll component installed by recent versions of Visual Studio, (or other recent applications).

It's related to the way Tabbed Dialog indexing is now handled,
which then caused a problem with older application builds.

Example of a patched installation -
FSX Missions GTB CTD WinSxS MFC80dotdll.jpg

Official Notifications

For computers that do not have Visual Studio 2005 installed

You install a product that updates the Mfc80.dll module or the Mfc80u.dll module on the computer from version 8.0.50727.870 to version 8.0.50727.3078.
For example, you install Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
When you run an application that is built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, an access violation occurs in the Mfc80.dll module or in the Mfc80u.dll module.
And, the application crashes.

For Visual Studio 2005 users

You create a Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) application in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1).
The MFC application contains an ActiveX control inside a Tab control.
When you run this application, the application may crash. Additionally, you may receive an access violation error message in the HandleInitDialog function in the Dlgcore.cpp file.


Installing VCRedist versions 3079, (24th Oct 2008), and newer will fix it, (see links below).

Vista users will need - - Admin rights - UAC turned off

Before applying the KB patch,
all users should stop all SQL Server services, (use the Services management console).
After completing the patch installation, restart those services.

For computers that do not have Visual Studio 2005 installed

See - Microsoft - KB961894

For Visual Studio 2005 users

See - Microsoft - KB958036

We need a definitive way of guaranteeing users can access the latest version,
rather than just a specific recent version.


Please feedback confirming -
a) If you had Visual Studio installed, (give version).
b) Whether problem was resolved.