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  • ...traffic.jpg|left|80px]] Because it is a '''[[:Category:Living_World|living world]]''' you might want to populate it with AI aircraft, boats or vehicles. ...ata together form the '''[[:Category:Terrain_Design|terrain]]''' of the FS world.
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  • ...put the object in the library, it is not actually placed somewhere in the world yet. That is still something you need to do yourself as well. ...y can only be placed near that origional placement and not anywhere in the world. Putting your objects in a library prevents this and makes sure you can use
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  • ...vert a single object and directly place it at a certain location in the FS world. So if you for example want to convert and position a few KMZ models into y of your model. The textures will be convert to the formats supported by FS (DDS for FSX and extended BMP for FS2004). If you click '''Prefix texture n
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  • ...reproject automatically so that it ends up at the right location in the FS world.
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  • ...craft needs. All will drift at marginally different rates which match real world standards. This is copy'n'paste code, but check that you haven't already de // FS module_vars
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