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Welcome to the FSDeveloper Wiki. On this Wiki you can find all sorts of information related to Flight Simulator addon development. For example tutorials, tips, tricks and manuals.
Main missions.jpg
Missions give you the possibility to add new challenges or other structured experiences to Flight Simulator.
Main modeling.jpg
Modeling is the art of creating new 3D objects. This could be your favorite aircraft or your own house.
Main texturing.jpg
Texturing deals with the creation and manipulation of the images that you use on your models.
Main ai traffic.jpg
Because it is a living world you might want to populate it with AI aircraft, boats or vehicles.
Main terrain.jpg
Elevation, landclass, aerial photos and vector data together form the terrain of the FS world.
Main gauge.jpg
What is a good aircraft without and instrument panel and gauges?
Main simconnect.jpg
The SimConnect API allows you to connect to FS from an external application and read data from FS or write new data to it.
Main airport.jpg
Want to improve your local airport or design a completely new one?
Main autogen.jpg
Autogen gives you an option to populate the world with generic buildings and vegetation.
Main file format.jpg
Want to know more about the different file formats used by Flight Simulator?
Main sound.jpg
Sounds enhance your experience while flying around.
Main effects.jpg
Add some smoke or fireworks to your project as a finishing touch using effects.
Main tools.jpg
Want to get an overview of the different tools you can use for your addon development?
Main tweaking.jpg
Sometimes the SDK does not offer enough possibilities, in that case tweaking might be the way out.
Main help.jpg
This Wiki is open to contribution by all users. So feel free to improve an article or add your own. Need help to get started on contributing to the Wiki?