Creating a new Wiki article

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If you would like to add a complete new article to the Wiki, then this information should get you started in doing so.

  1. First make sure that no article already exists on the subject you want to add. If one already exists, you can better improve that article instead of writing a complete new one.
  2. Now use the search box on the left to search for the title of the page you want to create. So to create this page I searched for "Creating a new Wiki article".
  3. You will get no search results, as the page does not exist. But on that page there is a link that allows you to create the page.
  4. After you have done that you are ready to start typing your article. Make sure to save it now and then while typing so that your content is stored.
  5. Please also add a category to your article, so that they are easier to find for the users. To do this put a tag like [[category:General]] at the bottom of your article. Of course you will have to give the name of the category you want the article to be in. In the list on the left you can see all categories that are used on this site. If needed you can use multiple categories for your article.