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Bear Island v2 (Redux)


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What do you need SODE for in this case??? Florida seasons are hardly existant.
Either you are an artist in making screenshots and either you have an extremely powerful PC or, you none of those.
I am working on the Oasis Ranger Station but I think I'd better forget about it when I see your pics:(.
Great work!
SODE is used for all the dynamic features such as: time/season sensitive ambient sounds, rain puddles, the frog who only likes rain, and the windsock.

Why get discouraged? Every developer starts from someplace. Check out the original Bear Island scenery in the OP or Atmore Mun on my website. Thats how I use to develop. Nothing special whatsoever. You've just got to do the digging and put in the work. Eventually you can learn how to do pretty much everything I have in the photos. :)


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I wasn't happy with the 3D grass I had covering the runway, so I decided to swap it out for something that would show up a little better. The grass is still cross-plain, but it looks a lot better than the previous IMO.

I'm starting to get the installers together. I want to do a little testing in FSX:SE before we head to Beta, but I'm hoping to get things rolling by Monday or Tuesday. Maybe sooner if things go smoothly.



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Impressive work Chris!!
And glad to see another Configurator in action :)
Thank you! It's been a fun project, and more importantly, its opened the door to another project idea. I really appreciate that you have opened your configurator up to the dev community. Coming from someone who knows nothing of C++ "programming," I can't begin to tell you how much easier it makes my life. So, thanks for that! I soon hope to throw some business your way and include it in a few payware projects.

An idea: I'm not sure if this is already something you have included in your paid version, honestly I haven't looked, but it would be cool if you could find a way to allow the developer to change the color scheme of the configurator to match that of their own. Maybe limit it to the paid version? Its just a thought. I know nothing of C++ or hardcore programming, so I'm not even sure if my idea is feasable, but it seems like something that could be done utilizing the XML. :)

Awesome scenery!!!!
Thank you! Thank you very much! *Insert Elvis emoji*

For those who haven't looked back on the OP, this scenery is now in open beta! :cool:
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You're welcome Christopher and thanks for the suggestion!
In the current version (just released) it is possible to switch between Light and Dark theme.
Furthermore you can switch seasons by texture copying which is the easiest way I guess without
requiring a module.
In a future version I'll also include the possibility to switch between color themes (currently orange in the Lite
version and blue in the Pro version).
All the best for your project!


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