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    FSX:SE Now what..? (Gmax and Windows 10, new problem?)

    It's been OK for me, just tried right click this morning. I'm on Windows 10 as well and my system is up to date. I've seen right-click stop working before though, try a reboot or update your GPU driver. I use the Gmax OpenGL driver, not DirectX, I think OpenGL does a better job of maintaining...
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    FSX Stair Truck

    There one in the resources section here: You can browse default FSX libraries here: However I looked and did not see any default stair truck.
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    FSXA [Workarounded]Lvar depending animations on vehicle/object?

    Have you looked at SODE? It lets you inject simobjects as scenery, though it sounds like you'd be controlling the object's animations using FFX, but anyway SODE might work for you.
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    FSX Property Layer on FS2002 gPolys

    Or use this recipe: You can place with SODE or use LODs to prevent flicker. I haven't seen any problems with flicker, shadows etc (but you might if you use FS9 aircraft models).
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    Is FSX/P3D SDK available anywhere?

    Try this link: V1: V2:
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    GSX V2 SODE jetway. Time to stop making your own jetway?

    Well, we also have "deplane", which is weird because when when we board the aircraft the gate agents don't tell us to "plane". :confused:
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    Building texture

    Dynamic lighting, bump maps, specular material. Looks incredible!
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    Safety in numbers

    I kinda liked my pun, "Safety" in numbers. I see how the string is encoded in octal and decimal in the other numbers now :)
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    Safety in numbers

    Specifically 0x797465666153 equals "Safety", but it's between 2 numbers. :stirthepo
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    Problem with lofting runway edges on Gmax

    Try ticking Quad Sides in the Loft's Skin Parameters
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    Interesting ideas about making puddles using a platform made of water or attaching an effect for spray or sounds! I'll have to play with that some. :)
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    Soarfly made a tutorial on this: Yes you model the same way, but instead of adding to a scenery BGL library, you install the MDL as a simobject under the SODE folder and you have to write XML code so that SODE will place it and control the display to your liking. For most cases you can pretty...
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    FSX Looking for old Microsoft example

    Is this it?
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    Basic Gmax Resources

    Try here for Gmax registration (you'll need to create an account at TurboSquid):
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    FNTP II QTG software

    LOL, Flight Sim World is a discontinued game on Steam sold to gamers for entertainment, not a system qualified for training. Just do a Google search for FNPT flight training software and you'll find companies that do this. Looking at Redbird FNPT qualified products though, the cost is way above...