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    Runway Distortion on Recent Sat Images

    Hello there, I have been seeing more and more distortion on airport runways, taxiways and aprons, I first thought it was a google earth thing, but now I'm seeing them in Bing sat images too. You know as if they used the "warp" tool in photoshop? And it's not to a specific region either, it's...
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    3 car models needed

    Hey, if it's royalty free why not post here so all the developers can benefit from this information?
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    FSX:SE Purchased FSX Gold Edition to use SDK with Steam Edition Maybe you can trick your PC into "thinking" it has FSX box instead of SE installed by editing some registry entry or something which allows to install the normal SDK. I don't know why the SDK is dependent on having the sim...
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    Keep sharp edges (avoid anti-aliase)

    Where it says "modifier list", click on that and locate "smooth" on the list and click on it.
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    A peek back into FS past

    I used to have these 2 for FS5 when I first started with FS: I also had an older add-on called "British Islands" IIRC, but it was for FS4, so I had issues using it with FS5, I think there was some compatibility mode that worked, but you were limited to that region, not too sure to be honest.
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    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting

    How is it done?
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    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting

    Anyone find where on the SDK we can learn how to make the dynamic lighting for P3Dv4?
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    Taxiway Lights at Default Airports

    Airport Wizard does this:
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    Tiled texture and Ambient Occlusion

    The thing with tiled textures is that it repeats itself on several locations, so for example if one side of the wall which uses said tiled texture has an awning and the other side where the same texture is repeated does not have an awning doesn't the shadow of the awning end up displaying on...
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    Tiled texture and Ambient Occlusion

    Hello :-) Thank you kindly for your help. Are you referring to your PDF called "Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps v2.0"? If so I just downloaded it, but I found no reference to tiled textures within the document. Can you pinpoint me where to look for please? Kindly, Blazer
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    Tiled texture and Ambient Occlusion

    Hello, Is it possible to add ambient occlusion to a tiled texture for FS-related scenery with 3ds max' mental ray render? Kind Regards
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    Is there a way to edit addon scenerys? (Freeware/Payware)

    Yeah, that's the whole point. The guy also only implied a likelihood. He didn't authorize anything. You are not understanding the irony of doing the EXACT same thing you called him out for.
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    Is there a way to edit addon scenerys? (Freeware/Payware)

    So you say to the guy to be careful about what he authorizes and you do the same thing he did in his post by saying "In most cases personal editing is allowed or even encouraged". :stirthepo You should be careful about what you authorize unless you, of course, are the author. :D
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    P3D v3 Taxiway Edge Light issue

    LOL, adding an empty LOD actually worked for me too. It makes absolutely no sense, but it works.
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    P3D v3 Taxiway Edge Light issue

    Was this ever solved? I'm having a pretty similar problem.