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    attaching effects

    Thanks Arno, I will try this evening.
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    attaching effects

    Hi Arno, Can I download a new build?
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    Thalmässing/Waizenhofen (EDPW) project needs help

    Hi Daniel, I did not get any answer. Does my workaround run? Could you compile the mdl and create a lib?
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    attaching effects

    Good morning Arno, I will check on monday. I am out of office the next days. I will give you a short feedback if it works. Have a nice weekend
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    Thalmässing/Waizenhofen (EDPW) project needs help

    Hi Daniel, it is already a few days past, but I still have all files in the backup. Please contact me by email and I can send you an example for your Lib creation. Frome FSDS to FSX or FS2004 is quite easy Maybe I can also help with some Lib objects
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    attaching effects

    Good morning, I will this evening. Thanks
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    attaching effects

    Hi Arno, me again :-) But I still found some bugs. I just found out to animate my wheels:D But now I can not attach effects to the object. The tool will not export the effects into mdl (this time FSX mdl :-). So I exported to x file. Here I found another bug. You loose some of...
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    Character Animation

    Hi Paul, I am also trying to implement some animations to FSX. I already have people with bones and cars with rotating whels in 3Dmax, but I do not know what to do that the animation is running in FSX. I already started a post, to ask for help in the 3D modelling area.
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    Photos of US Cars

    I need some pictures of US cars (mainly pickups, and light trucks) not new ones. I need pictures from 3 sides to design 3D-models. Please contact me by email: christoph.rieger(at) Thanks for your help!
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    Please a repainter needed

    Hi, I already made some repaints on FSX general Aviation (Cessna Warrier, Cup. 737 and 747) Please contact me, maybe you can already use some of them?
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    attaching effects

    Hi Arno, sorry, my mistake. I need FSX format, but used the FS2004 mdl export:rolleyes: I now found the way and everything is perfekt. Thanks again for your help Arno. The next work is to develope nice effects for my Traktor and find somebody who can help me with animations of the wheels...
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    attaching effects

    Hi Arno, after I could not attach effects via attachpoint Tool, I read about your Modelconverter. I attached the effect also with the correct coordinates, but I do not see a result. This should be a simObject with some smoke on the exhaust pipe and later some dust on the ground. Did I do...
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    FSX 3DS animations in FSX

    Hi, I am looking for help with animations in FSX. I just animated a wheel of an Traktor in 3DS and now wanted to import it in FSX. Does somebody know a tutorial how I need to configure 3DS in the animation Tool and what I then have to write into the modeldev.xml Thanks for help
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    3dsmax with FSX Materials to FS2004

    Hi, I just started converting backwords from finishing FSX Design to FS2004. I used the Pandasoft exporter and tried to compile with makemdl for FS2004. I see a untextured building. Lokking to the asm file I miss the definition of Textures. Where did I make a mistake?
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    Read with VB6

    Read / write with VB6 I already can read from FSX by Simconnect. But I also need to set the LAT LON an Heading. Did somebody find out how to come up with this in Visual Basic? Thanks