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    FSX MCX cannot change FSXpath

    FWIW: Are you using the latest development release of MCX? If not, you should be. The stable release hasn't been updated for years. You can get the latest development release from here. If the latest development release is what you are using, you might try clearing any options that you...
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    SimConnect from beginning

    Included with the P3D SDK download is the Learning Center. Or available online here. You should look closely at the SimConnect API information that is under the SDK part of the learning Center. On the SimConnect API Overview page, in the SimConnect Projects section, the third paragraph says...
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    SketchUp to a 3D object software for Texture Mapping

    I have used Blender. Export your model from SU as Collada. Import it into Blender. UV unwrap it. Do whatever you're going to do about your textures. There are different ways to go from here as far as getting it into the sim, i.e., Blender2FSXP3D toolset, or reexport from Blender as Collada...
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    SketchUp 2018: Previous versions Locations

    FWIW In reply #9 If this is a problem for anyone, here is a thread regarding the issue and how to work around it: See reply #9 in this link:
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    Prop Beta is measured by?

    In addition to the variable Bjoern is showing from the SDK, you might try it with PROP BETA:index, degrees and see if the value isn't the same as what you would get if you were to convert the radians to degrees.
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    P3D v3 Turbo prop torque gauge.

    You could use XML Tools, available in the Resources here to read that variable. It has been a long time since I've used them, but I think what you would use is called FlightDataRecorder. As you tagged this post P3DV3, that is the version of XML Tools that the link points to. There are other...
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    Roy, You're asking about P3D, so FWIW. I tried this Event ID in FSX on an 8 tank system and I get the same result. No fuel added to the external tanks. I use Simconnect to load the aircraft fuel, pax, cargo. That would be one way to load the externals.
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    FS2004 A "Poor Man's FMC" - Automating Altitude and Vertical Speed

    That's what I get for looking at an FSX format flight plan. You are correct, in the FS2004 plan format, other than the DEP/ARV airports show +000000.00 for altitude. Good luck with what you're trying to do. I think that it will turn out to be a pretty complicated project. :)
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    Reset all Settings?

    There may be a better/easier way than this, but in Windows Explorer, if you go to the directory in Users->"Your user name" ->AppData->Local-> and delete the ModelConverterX.exe_Url_... folder, then start up MCX, all of the options you had set previously will be gone. If you have...
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    FS2004 A "Poor Man's FMC" - Automating Altitude and Vertical Speed

    AFAIK those altitudes in the flight plan only represent the height MSL of the airport or the navaid .
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    Help loading .mdl into MCX?

    I was making this while Tom replied:
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    X-Plane Revival?

    You might find this post of interest about this. Particularly reply #8.
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    Help loading .mdl into MCX?

    Maybe you need to use the latest development release?
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    Is there a file size limit regarding an attachment to a PM?

    The title says it all. TIA
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    Sketchup 8 Tool Bars

    In addition to the items mentioned by GaryGB: open the Window->Preferences menu item click on the Shortcuts item on the left side of the dialog scroll down to Edit/Undo and select it you might then find that in the Assigned box it already has Alt+Backspace and Ctrl+Z assigned. At least my...