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    SketchUp 2018: Previous versions Locations

    FWIW In reply #9 If this is a problem for anyone, here is a thread regarding the issue and how to work around it: See reply #9 in this link:
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    Prop Beta is measured by?

    In addition to the variable Bjoern is showing from the SDK, you might try it with PROP BETA:index, degrees and see if the value isn't the same as what you would get if you were to convert the radians to degrees.
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    P3D v3 Turbo prop torque gauge.

    You could use XML Tools, available in the Resources here to read that variable. It has been a long time since I've used them, but I think what you would use is called FlightDataRecorder. As you tagged this post P3DV3, that is the version of XML Tools that the link points to. There are other...
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    Roy, You're asking about P3D, so FWIW. I tried this Event ID in FSX on an 8 tank system and I get the same result. No fuel added to the external tanks. I use Simconnect to load the aircraft fuel, pax, cargo. That would be one way to load the externals.
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    FS2004 A "Poor Man's FMC" - Automating Altitude and Vertical Speed

    That's what I get for looking at an FSX format flight plan. You are correct, in the FS2004 plan format, other than the DEP/ARV airports show +000000.00 for altitude. Good luck with what you're trying to do. I think that it will turn out to be a pretty complicated project. :)
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    Reset all Settings?

    There may be a better/easier way than this, but in Windows Explorer, if you go to the directory in Users->"Your user name" ->AppData->Local-> and delete the ModelConverterX.exe_Url_... folder, then start up MCX, all of the options you had set previously will be gone. If you have...
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    FS2004 A "Poor Man's FMC" - Automating Altitude and Vertical Speed

    AFAIK those altitudes in the flight plan only represent the height MSL of the airport or the navaid .
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    Help loading .mdl into MCX?

    I was making this while Tom replied:
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    X-Plane Revival?

    You might find this post of interest about this. Particularly reply #8.
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    Help loading .mdl into MCX?

    Maybe you need to use the latest development release?
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    Is there a file size limit regarding an attachment to a PM?

    The title says it all. TIA
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    Sketchup 8 Tool Bars

    In addition to the items mentioned by GaryGB: open the Window->Preferences menu item click on the Shortcuts item on the left side of the dialog scroll down to Edit/Undo and select it you might then find that in the Assigned box it already has Alt+Backspace and Ctrl+Z assigned. At least my...
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    Krispy1001's Jodel project..

    It's in the resources here at FSDeveloper Edit: removed link to resources page, because as mentioned by bigglesworth in reply #3, the download link on it is no good.
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    FSXA Beacon from another planet.

    Chris, Same situation in SP2. I did the same as Ray to get rid of it. Is it possible that you are compiling your file to a location that isn't activated, or even in FSX?
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    P3D v4 LM Intends to Nick Developers

    Then there is this thread regarding the subject. Particularly this part of the last sentence of reply #3 "and further discussion on this topic would be beyond the scope of this website." :stirthepo :twocents: