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    FSX How to determine the Lat/Lon extends for scenery

    The logic used by FSX is IF the bounding box of the exclude poly intersects the bounding box of an object of the targeted vector type THEN that object is excluded. -Doug
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    Polygon vertex limit for shp2vec?

    If they are different types one should get drawn on top, depending on layer ordering in Terrain.cfg. If they are same type you may get Z-fighting in the area of overlap. -Doug
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    FSX Shorelines (again)

    Waves are not separate vector lines. They are part of the shoreline "texture." This XML is the control file instructing Shp2Vec.exe how to compile the accompanying shapefile. The "{0CBC8FAD-DF73-40A1-AD2B-FE62F8004F6F}" GUID tells the compiler to create an AttributeBlock that identifies...
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    Replacing an island

    Exclusion processing was unfortunately not implemented within the GPS system. -Doug
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    Replacing an island

    WaterPolyGPS are low resolution water bodies used by the GPS display. Intended to keep the GPS subsystem from choking on way too much high res water when zoomed out. -Doug
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    Can you provide samples or screenshots (from both game and TmfViewer)? -Doug
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    Mesh annomalies questions

    Yes. Unfortunately, no. The original creator of the mesh could have done some (minimal) damage control by doing a multi-source Resample using the MaxValidValue and/or MinValidValue Resample options to convert the erroneous pixels to NODATA and a lower priority DEM to fill in the gaps...
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    The answer from Doug is no. :) -Doug
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    Creating Island

    In your case the vector data you are trying to exclude would be water, not shoreline. If you look at the default vector BGL (cvx****.bgl) for the area using TmfViewer.exe you may examine the shape of the default water polygon(s) you need to remove. The exclusion polygon does NOT...
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    Creating Island

    Sometimes it can help to do multiple smaller exclusions rather than one big one. Also, the exclusion does NOT have to contain the targeted vector data - the exclusion's envelope (extent) just needs to intersect the targeted vector data's envelope. -Doug
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    Creating Island

    Not sure what you mean here. Will you please provide an example? -Doug
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    Problem After SP1 Installation

    Not in FSX (unless your extrusion bridge specifies to suppress platforms). -Doug
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    FSX and taxi progress bar

    I apologize for not following up on that one - fell off my radar. I just added to that thread ( ) our XML for the KDTW multi-tower case. Here is the XML for one of our closed runways (at airport 2E8): <Runway lat="42.42407571"...
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    Terminal Buildings Disappear using ADE

    Sorry for the delay - this one fell off my radar... The source XML for KDTW has five separate Tower elements nested within the airport, as follows: <Airport country="United States" state="Michigan" city="Detroit" name="Detroit Metro Wayne Co" lat="42.21243048" lon="-83.35339171"...
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    Terrain mesh

    I'll back you on this one. Your observations are correct. The great majority of runways in FSX are *very* accurately placed, especially larger airports and ILS runways. There are, however, plenty of runways where the input data is not correct. When a team of 5 processes 24,000+ airports, time...