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  1. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 My Tools for AI control AIFPC and AIFP3 give errors

    Wrong forum. Try posting here: https://fsdeveloper.com/forum/forums/ai-flight-planner.100/
  2. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Adding two sim variables values together to produce a simple animation

    Unashamedly stolen from Wikipedia: 'In reverse Polish notation, the operators follow their operands; for instance, to add 3 and 4 together, one would write 3 4 + rather than 3 + 4. If there are multiple operations, operators are given immediately after their final operands (often an operator...
  3. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Dortmund for the MSFS (WIP)

    The ridges and furrows running NW to SE. There is a possibility that if you had enough GIS data for that area, you could zoom out and find the original village buried under the fields - unless, of course, it has been built over by Dortmund. I can see that the airfield area and the fields at the...
  4. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Dortmund for the MSFS (WIP)

    Christian - your post dated 5 Jun 2021; if that GIS screenshot is as accurate as you think, then what you are seeing is the remains of the medieval field system.
  5. DragonflightDesign

    FSX Toggle next waypoint leg activation

    Set a flag so that the code can't be re-run until the flag is reset. That way, if the toggle is held on, the code won't run. You could also try abusing the DirectTo method?
  6. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Well, that's a year of work wasted.

    Just arrived here from checking Avsim because I do some support over there - it seems that Asobo's latest downdate has broken a lot of things, not least of which is the download procedure itself. So far I have refused to go anywhere near MSFS because of the on-going and seemingly never-ending...
  7. DragonflightDesign

    DIY or not?

    Arno... somewhere on Intel's website is the OSS code for their DDS conversion tool. Of course: a. I've deleted my local copy two days ago (!) b. you really didn't want me to tell you that (both comments!)
  8. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS MSFS Developers

    I've looked, was on the beta program, saw the almost total lack of feedback to problem reports and decided I'd wait for v1.0 of the SDK before comitting to anything. Two years plus later I'm still waiting. I've turned down one potentially lucrative commercial project because I have absolutely...
  9. DragonflightDesign


    IF MSFS has the same base code as FSX and P3D then no, it is not strange. Vertical Hold has been broken since FS2002 and according to Lockheed-Martin, the bug is buried too deep in the code to fix. They tried. So my guess is that Asobo have implemented an override that looks something like this...
  10. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v4 Manifold Pressure percentage gauge

    Walter: the sim will try to display a variable in whatever form you tell it to. It may not always make sense, but one of the better uses of this behaviour is to tell it to display 'percent over 100' as simply 'percent'.
  11. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Landing/taxi lights not illuminating runway

    I have them working both in the [lights] and the [smoke] sections. They do have to be defined in one or other of these two sections.
  12. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Landing/taxi lights not illuminating runway

    Is this a default aircraft or an add-on?
  13. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Landing/taxi lights not illuminating runway

    1. Stop P3D if it's running 2. Go to the main sim folder and double-click on 'Delete Generated Files' 3. Restart the sim and add your preferred options back in (Options | General | etc.) Fixed it for me.
  14. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Storing time in a local variable

    Eric: I think you're running into the old problem of expecting the sim to react immediately. You can GET and SET one after the other, but you won't get the 'correct' info in the SET command until one sim cycle later.
  15. DragonflightDesign

    MSFS Rough Running Engine - Best methods for setting

    :rotfl:I nearly did once, but I was downwind in the circuit and the engine decided to play nice after a couple of heart-stopping seconds.