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    MSFS Small markings in ProjectedMesh

    Yeah, I tried using Polygons and Apron as well. None of them solved this issue. Payware companies has a good secret haha
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    MSFS Small markings in ProjectedMesh

    Hey guys, I have a question. I wonder if I'm the only one that is not being able to place small markings with a good quality using a ProjectedMesh. It works for big markings, but as it gets smaller the quality keep getting worst. Does anybody know a solution? Thanks.
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    MSFS How to get runway to follow terrain?

    You have to change the runway slope manually. There is no way to make the runway to follow the terrain. Select the runway, go to terraforming option > show profile editor. Then .. you need to add all the point and set the altitude of these points (use meters). Check the image attached.
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    MSFS Avoiding Piracy

    The MSFS software has protection from Arxan company for MS-Store version and Steam protection for Steam version. The aircraft and scenery has no protection at all. But they promise DRM in the future for scenery. I will keep low expectations and I prefered to not take the risk to release anything...
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    MSFS Avoiding Piracy

    I think it's better to wait for DRM..
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    MSFS Creating own painted lines and decals - how?

    You can use the files that is located in MSFS SDK\Samples\SimpleAirport\PackageSources\materials Check the XML in SimpleAirport\PackageDefinitions to set the materials folder as well. In the sim, just load your project, click on MaterialLib, open the "Inspector" windows and click "Load in...
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    MSFS Testing new prefix

    There is reason that Microsoft has named the new simulator "MSFS" and they are not using "MSFS 2020". The reason is that this simulator will be constant updated and they will spend the next years developing and improving this simulator. Microsoft doesn't have any intention to release another...
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    MSFS Babylon exporter

    That was my doubt a few days ago... The Babylon exporter doesn't generate the XML file. The solution is simple, what you really need is a GUID Generator. The XML file has this content: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <ModelInfo version="1.1"...
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    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    Thanks man! It works pretty good.
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    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    Yes, it supposed to generate a XML file with a "model info guid" number just like the Blender plugin does. I think I need this "model id" to make it work. I'm not sure.
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    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    Thank you. I really appreciate that!
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    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    Would be nice to have 3dsmax > MSFS as well. The Babylon Exporter is not generating the XML file for me, I'm trying to figure out.