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    Extract from libraries

    I ran, from a command prompt bglzip -d -f trees.bgl Only placement info in this file according to MCX. Disassembling with BGLAnalyze31 doesn't seem to achieve anything extra.
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    P3D v4 model editing

    You have 3 options. Edit model.cfg with notepad, enter the new filename after 'normal=' Temporarily rename your texture folder to 'Texture' Add your texture folder name to TextureSearchPath in MCX texture settings.
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    P3D v4 model editing

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    P3D v4 model editing

    That looks like you haven't updated model.cfg, as TG pointed out.
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    P3D v4 model editing

    On a plane I've considered modifying, the bombs and missiles are mostly in pairs as one part. What I would need to do is isolate each pair, export and import into a 3D modelling app to separate them into individual bombs and missiles. Once I've deleted all the bombs and missiles from the...
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    P3D v4 model editing

    If you are lucky and the bombs and missiles are separate model parts, you should be able to add the necessary visibility conditions to them using MCX. Otherwise you will need to separate out the relevant parts for editing in a 3D modelling app. Merge back in when finished.
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    P3D v4 model editing

    Hi It's only the relevant parts that you need to modify. Do as little as possible outside MCX. Which plane are you interested in?
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    FSX Not Giving Up Yet

    I'm not sure whether this viable, assuming it is. Would it be helpful to have a function available to delete all parts with visibility conditions or all parts without visibility conditions? They could then be worked on separately and merged back when finished.
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    FSX Editing Attachpoint Orientation

    Have you checked whether this is a problem specific to this Model? I've just checked a plane I've toyed with converting, animated lights seem to be fine.
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    FSX Modeldef Editing

    Excellent, thanks.
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    FSX Modeldef Editing

    I've just installed yesterdays MCX Run as admin Import a MDL Edit mode in the modeldef editor I can right click and paste into the search box, but not into the main body of the modeldef. No right click options at all. (windows 10-64)
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    FSX Modeldef Editing

    What may make things easier is if it were possible to copy and paste custom definitions into the Modeldef Editor. No idea how easy that would be to implement. Arno, thanks for all the recent improvements in MCX. I need to have another crack at a couple of conversions.
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    P3D v4 Drag in relation to weight

    Ideally you need to be able simulate whether a weapon has been loaded into an internal bomb bay, or hung in the air flow, e.g. F-111. Same weights, totally different extra drag (especially when supersonic).
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    E3 2018... No Simulators in sight...

    Open Beta stage.
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    FSX Spaceflight dynamics module for FSX

    Hi I know Paul Varn did a fair bit of work on the FDEs of SR-71 and Concorde, freeware.