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    I coded an Export for .mdl files.

    AFAIK, Xbox Game Content Usage Rules cited above refer only to default assets from MS FS titles as defined in the section under: "What content is covered?" My personal interest in- and anticipated use of- legacy MS default FS Game Content would not involve any 3rd party add-ons. Indeed...
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    MSFS BGL asset groups

    PS: Relative to your question in the OP above, perhaps this might be helpful ? https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/solved-questions-about-sdk-files-location/165225 https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/blender2msfs-support-thread.448402/post-859132 [MSFS SDK 0_10_0_0 SDK Install...
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    MSFS BGL asset groups

    Hi again: Specifically, the .\ or ..\ (Dot and Backslash) characters are good old DOS - Windows parlance as Directory (aka "Folder") Path hierarchy designations https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Path_(computing) Although Windows reportedly can support either a Slash or Backslash delimited path...
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    MSFS BGL asset groups

    Hello: Welcome to FSDeveloper. :) While I am not prepared to reply to your question regarding whether one may consolidate different scenery content BGL Assets, I do have a quick question. In your screenshot above, you show Windows File - Folder Path syntax that uses both a "/" (aka 'slash')...
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    I coded an Export for .mdl files.

    I believe that interpretation does not adequately represent the intent- or extent- of applicability for the Xbox Game Content Usage Rules. :alert: I also believe it may not be in the best interest of FSDeveloper to tolerate what may prove to be another "thread-lock-baiting" effort by special...
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    I coded an Export for .mdl files.

    Hello: I would like to see this utility released ASAP, and welcome the opportunity to test it; please post the download URL when ready. :) Any / all of the above cited options 1, 2, or 3 would be welcome, although a full set of 3D model I/O file formats and a GUI would be even more useful...
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    Airport Rotating 3D Beacons

    Hi Dick: Thanks for the reminder about that option for a "sea base" type beacon. :) I anticipate that we may 'eventually' see a true 3D light cone rotating Green / White civilian airport beacon (for non-sea base type airports) of MSFS in the future, whether it be created via Blender (with- or...
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    Airport Rotating 3D Beacons

    Hi again: There may be a number of differing applications for MSFS SDK compatible lighting configurations in static or animated 3D models. :) Personally, I consider controlling display / occultation of 3D lights for light houses / airport beacons a top priority, since MSFS (using purportedly...
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    Spot light shines through geometry

    One might wonder if this a function of the Blender-and Rendering engine- ...numeric versions being used ex: Cycles versus Eevee ? :idea: I have not yet begun to study Blender, but I was curious as to whether this issue had already been dealt with by non-MSFS users ? :scratchch...
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    MSFS Is there an "easy" way to get an apron/taxiway/RWY from ADE into mesh for Projected Mesh?

    Hi Dick: Does the 'airport' source code compiler for MSFS-2020 automatically re-project the GIS format of vertices drawn in ex: ADE or another GUI vector CAD work-space from a "non-warped" GIS EPSG:3857 format ...into a Geographic Lat / Lon projection / WGS84 datum (aka EPSG:4326) "warped" GIS...
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    MSFS Hi-Res Terrain Mesh Unlocked

    Hello: I was excited to see MSFS-2020 v1.13.16.0 rendering of terrain mesh detail was increased for a UK project area that has 1 Meter elevation source data available. :yikes: Intrigued, I checked a project location in the PNW of USA, and was further excited to see greatly enhanced terrain...
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    FSX How do I Cover a Portion of a Photo Real Image

    "Bumped" for edits to my post immediately above. GaryGB
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    AssimpReader:Error importing File....collada .dae

    Hello: You may wish to explore some additional factors which apparently may influence how MCX is able to process input files in Collada *.DAE format: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/assimpreader-error-importing-file.450555/...
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    FSX How do I Cover a Portion of a Photo Real Image

    Hi Ken: [EDITED] Either here in this thread, or via PM, please state where you got the image you edited in GIMP that you wish to calibrate and display in SBuilderX via Add Map > From Disk. Additionally, please state whether you changed the original size of that imagery file by altering its...
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    MSFS [SOLVED] Is it possible for a scenery object to reference a texture from separate location/material library?

    For the benefit of others reading this thread that are less familiar with Windows path 'type' terminology, see: :pushpin: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/io/file-path-formats https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?21235-Finding-The-MSFS-2020-Community-Folder IMHO, a...