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Recent content by gsnde

  1. gsnde

    P3D v5 Runway markings - please help me, this is driving me nuts

    Let me summarize what I am doing... 1. I have created an island with SBuilderX 2. I have placed several airports on this island 3. I have compiled these airports with the respective ADE version and the respective SDKs for P3Dv3, P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 4. There is no issue in P3Dv3 and P3Dv4 These are...
  2. gsnde

    P3D v4 Showing hard winter objects only from 1 - 15 January

    The second MonthOfYear should be DayOfMonth? From mobile hence short
  3. gsnde

    P3D v4 Showing hard winter objects only from 1 - 15 January

    Not at my computer, Manfred. But there is another variable like DayOfMonth if I am not mistaken. I will check later if you have not received a better answer. From mobile hence short
  4. gsnde

    P3D v5 Sode crashing P3Dv5

    LM has taken note of this issue now.
  5. gsnde

    P3D v5 Sode crashing P3Dv5

    So many thanks, Mike! I was getting nervous about this one. I have posted on P3D and here twice if somebody could confirm that the jetways are not moving anymore, and not a single person has answered.... Post in ADE board Post in Design board
  6. gsnde

    The RJAA P3DV4 Narita Airport I'm developing, Share some pictures

    Unbelievable! This looks gorgeous From mobile hence short
  7. gsnde

    MSFS LSZW - Thun Airfield

    This level of detail and quality is just stunning! From mobile hence short
  8. gsnde

    ADE_GP - Notification of Missing Textures

    Thanks, Don. Normally the creepy thing at my computer being myself...:)
  9. gsnde

    ADE_GP - Notification of Missing Textures

    That’s what I was trying to say, Don. You can delete it and it is recreated with every compile. It’s not there since a very long time, I am sure I would have noticed. Therefore my question if you are seeing that as well or if it is something creepy on my computer only. From mobile hence short
  10. gsnde

    ADE_GP - Notification of Missing Textures

    All is good and works fine. Just wanted to report that empty folder below Scenery. From mobile hence short
  11. gsnde

    ADE_GP - Notification of Missing Textures

    Don, I just relaize that with every compile of my airport to the folder : D:\Airports\Owl Island AFB (P3Dv3)\scenery the textures are correctly placed in the associated texture folder, but an empty folder "ADE_GP Textures" is created below scenery. Can you replicate this? Version is from Zip...
  12. gsnde

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    Wonderful, Henrik! You have really brought life to the seas in the flight sim world. From mobile hence short
  13. gsnde

    P3D v5 Ground Polygon - border visible, text not visible

    Yes, it has been flattened. And it is guaranteed that I use exactly the same files in all three P3D versions. I just start the appropriate ADE, but work with one set of files. I will try all you suggest. But I wonder why it works perfectly fine in v4 and v5.
  14. gsnde

    P3D v5 Ground Polygon - border visible, text not visible

    Need to come back for this one. Although as confirmed above this now works well in P3Dv4 and v5, the polys still don't show above the apron in P3Dv3. I have tried the whole range of layer numbers, but it does not change a thing. The apron covers the poly. What am I missing?
  15. gsnde

    P3D v5 Jetways not movin in P3D5.1HF1

    I have the issue that none of the default jetways are moving in P3Dv5.1HF1 at my airport. The same are working fine in V4 and V3. Do you have the same issue?