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Recent content by Lagaffe

  1. Lagaffe

    MSFS Primer to 3D asset creation for MSFS

    Hi, Templates are the Samples directory in the SDK installation. For your animation, are you sure to use the max lenght of the animation : if it is defined between 0-100, you should have a keyframme at 0 and the final to 100 on the time scale.
  2. Lagaffe

    MSFS Petition for return of "mouse rectangles"

    Hello every body, if you want to be able to use "clicks buttons" again in FSX cockpits portover MSFS, you can vote for this patch here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/make-legacy-cockpit-buttons-work-again/325942 The number of people who has voted has been x 3 since yesterday. I have...
  3. Lagaffe

    Sunken Objects

    Hi, The ground has its own slope, if your hangar on the left side is above the ground but the ground rises to the right then the end of the hangar will be below ground level. You can try to use terraforming to create a "flatten" or flatten all the area occupied by you airport.
  4. Lagaffe

    FS2004 Exporting from Blender to FS2004

    Sorry, I have understand that your first model was made under Gmax but if you begin under Blender - with Blender create your plane - export to OBJ - import your OBJ under Gmax then create animations (animationt + tags) - compile and export to *.X [EDIT] Wavefront Import for Gmax => Wavefront...
  5. Lagaffe

    FS2004 Exporting from Blender to FS2004

    Hi, I have read with attention yours posts ... Why do you want to use Blender? In order to use some functionalities that Gmax doesn't ? Well, and if you export from Gmax to Obj (you can find a plugin for this operation) work with Blender to use "decimate" and others functions and after that...
  6. Lagaffe

    P3D aircraft convert to MSFS no compatible

    Hi, The P3D model isn't identical to FSX model and P3D's MDL aren't reconized by MSFS. So if you want to use it, you should compile the MDL with the FSX SDK and then try to use MSLegacy Importer.
  7. Lagaffe

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    Hello, Would it be possible to respect the subject of this thread? For many pages we have been talking about everything but not the subject: the toolkit. It is not very complicated to open a new topic and explain its own problem. Think of the new subscribers who try to look for information...
  8. Lagaffe

    MSFS Asobo C152 Dev Console Errors

    Yes I have understood your aim, as you have write it in your first post. If you know Blender and download the plugin which permit to import glTF model (for livreries creation on github) you can see the different elements in the cockpit in order to understand the process.
  9. Lagaffe

    Trying to create airport with only an invisible runway

    Very simple: - the compiler does not find D:\Documents\MyFSProjects\KamdriesAirport\Packages\tjoeker-kamdriesairport\MaterialLibs\mymaterials\Library.xml You have a PB in the spelling of your path or a directory is not create ...
  10. Lagaffe

    MSFS Asobo C152 Dev Console Errors

    The first part of yours errors log are on the interior.xml and on the 3D model. I don't think that you can correct theses ones. The 3D model is unfinished by ASOBO and a lot of work need to be done but I don't think that it will be done in the future.
  11. Lagaffe

    MSFS Asobo C152 Dev Console Errors

    MSFS is a wonderful software ... not finish but wonderful ! Don't be afraid, Prepar3D has also the same error when you activate the log system and sometimes, the number of errors overload the log. My advise: try to correct the C152 ;). PS: As I work on my Cessna 150 K Tibush, I am interested...
  12. Lagaffe

    Blender A Brilliant Tips and Tricks Video, Highly Recommended

    Hi, Very interesting vidéo: I bookmark it and planned to download as soon as possible. [EDIT] Wonderful video, but need a complete afternoon to see and memorize all possibilities that Blender offers ! A must have :santahat:
  13. Lagaffe

    Animation export to glTF?

    First, I think you speak of FS9 (FS2004) MDLs Second, the main difference between FSX and FS2004 was that on FSX it was possible to create smaller objects without the compiler doing any concatenation between two nearby vertex. So if you take a aircraft with a great number of polygones and small...
  14. Lagaffe

    Animation export to glTF?

    Hi, I don't understand exactly. My situation: I have a lot of models made under GMax with MDLs (3 Cessna, 2 Menestrel HN-433 and HN-700, one NC-858S, one AlphaJet). My actual problem is to port all these stuffs under Blender and also remake all animations in order to compile to glTF. If I...
  15. Lagaffe

    MSFS Polygons are no longer working correctly! (MSFS 2020 SDK 0.7)

    Hello, One bemol anyway, with the old SDKs I had made exclusions and yesterday I had to recompile these exclusions ... they are still operational so I think it comes from the way the XML file is written and not from the compiler. A workaround would be to use an old XML file format created for...