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    FSXA CYMX - MirabelX

    Montréal–Mirabel International Airport (IATA: YMX, ICAO: CYMX), is released yesterday, you can download from Quebec FSX and French-VFR. The scene includes: - two airports: CYMX and CSW5 (Montreal Bell Heliport) - one photo texture for summer/fall and one for winter - daylight illumination...
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    P3D v4 Project Africa

    It's thé first time that someone want to work on an African scenery as this and he make a wonderful work: bravo !!!
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    Blender -> FSX/P3D

    I develop some of my aircrafts under Blender 2.79 and study the last version which brings a lot of new functions. I posted on another thread the question about a port of Blender2FSXP3D but it seems that many changes have been made to version 2.80 making this port not difficult but to study and...
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    FSXA CYMX - MirabelX

    We are in the process of making the final corrections to the scenery. It has gone through a test phase and should be published in the next few days: on and Thanks to follow this development
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    P3D v4 PBR Materials with Substance Painter

    The subject has been already treated on theses topics: => => but effectively no preset will be shared.
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    Which version(s) of P3D are you using ADE with?

    I am using P3D V4.5 plus HF2 and FSX some times..
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    Blender: Bill Womack has a lot to answer for :)

    Hi, Google is your friend ... Multi Object UV Editing can be download under...
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    P3D v4 Boeing 247- does any FSX Native exist?

    Good evening, This model seems to be an FS9 model (created in 2006) that has also been ported to FSX. The 3D modeling is quite poor and is not at the standard of what can be expected from a current model in 2019. Reviewing it to make a P3D model is a work that is likely to be quite fast as it...
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    P3D v4 Project Africa

    Hi, I am downloading Libya since yesterday 20:00 (during the night I shutdown the PC). It's been a longer operation but right now the archive is slowly decompressing on my dedicated disk. One more hour and I could make a flight over this region ... :p and publish some screens !
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    Substance B2M ... too good to be true?

    Hi, In freeware solutions, I found Materialize and ModLab. Theses two software can create diffuse/height/normal/metallic/etc ... maps very easily.
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    P3D v4 VFR Mallorca

    Yes, it is. The green of trees is perhaps too much but it is as I remenber.
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    P3D v4 Project Africa

    Hello Mathias, About your problem le loading Time, I have one question: how many Go of RAM on your PC? Do you have activated a swap file?
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    P3D v4 VFR Mallorca

    The road shown on the first image is well known to me: I took it several times during my travels on this island, especially during my last trip where I visited "the caves of Xuroï". These are caves arranged on the side of a cliff and used as a nightclub :p
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    P3D v4 Project Africa

    I have installed your 4 sceneries and loading times are ... "normal": not very more time than before !
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    P3D v4 VFR Mallorca

    :santahat: Do you know what ? All my grandparents are born on Menorca (Mahon), the minus island at the north of Mallorca so I will be very very very happy to try it and fly over my grandparents' island :wave: Thank you very much ;)