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Recent content by Lagaffe

  1. Lagaffe

    MSFS Some projects that I will upgrade from FSX to P3D and MSFS

    Hello, Some news from this project, on which I have works even during hot days. On the Blisters version, boarding via the rear of the fuselage Last work on the VC and the fire panel : Emergency manual pump for hydraulic circuit and a "hole" in the cockpit to see if the front gear is "in"...
  2. Lagaffe

    MSFS Manage needle animation in VC

    In my case, the animation could have been done in a conventional way, but I had found this template and wanted to try it. Its primary function is to make several linear interpolations between pre-defined steps (the linearity breaks). Who can do more can do less and it works even when the...
  3. Lagaffe

    MSFS Manage needle animation in VC

    Hi, If your steam isn't linear, you have the possibility to use a dedicated template for this. One example for non-linear steam gauge that I use in my Canso: Min and Max value are the dynamic of the needle. REF_VALUE_x is the keyframe number and ANIM_VALUE_x the real value what the needle...
  4. Lagaffe

    MSFS Common problem with rotating knobs

    Yes, it is the normal functioning of a template: - propose default values and - in the instantiation overload the desired values to adapt to its need
  5. Lagaffe

    MSFS Common problem with rotating knobs

    Hi, How many keyframes are used for 0 to 360 ° ? I create in such occasion, 5 keyframes: 0, 90, 180, 270, 360
  6. Lagaffe

    MSFS démarrage cold and dark

    Hello Pat, I think you have probably forgotten the mixture. Another idea would be to review the normalized_starter_torque variable. With a value of 0.2, my engines would not start. They were finally able to do so with a value higher than 0.5 Finding on FSDevelopers.com, I have find some posts...
  7. Lagaffe

    MSFS Which MSFS flight_model.cfg parameters affect the sharpness of the stall (modern_fm = 1)?

    No idea but a very good question which interest me for a current development ;)
  8. Lagaffe


    Probably because you don't search correctly :cool: Yet it is easy to find, if only by searching the MSFS SDK directory: => "Disk Letter":\SDK_MSFS\Samples\SimvarWatcher\bin\x64\Release
  9. Lagaffe

    MSFS ADE 2020 Alpha 21 HF5

    Control management ! This is a notion that Asobo don't understand. During SU9 Beta, a lot of problems has been pointed (the window which appear during manual compilation for example) but they delivered SU9 without the corrections of theses problems ... They consider that they will do it in the...
  10. Lagaffe

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    1 - All boasts of Henrik have not hardened surfaces (my first attempts at it date back to last September) 2 - The new carrier in MSFS can move only a direct trajectory but don't have pitch and roll (mouais :confused:) 3 - Currently, it is not planned for Asobo to add landable surfaces on Ai...
  11. Lagaffe

    MSFS Flat paint on a polished metallic surface?

    Among me, the best to do this: - a texture reflective for metalic color - decals with an other texture which can be flat
  12. Lagaffe

    2 Engine but only one ENG HYD PRESSUER is working

    For me, problem solved. I have forgetten to give right informations in my file
  13. Lagaffe

    MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

    Nice information for you Henrik, In the last update with "Top Gun activities", some changes had been brings by Asobo : in the sim.cfg of the aircraftcarrier used for Top Gun missions, I can see: Perhaps, that this parameter in bold has a great importance for you: does hard/moving platform...
  14. Lagaffe

    2 Engine but only one ENG HYD PRESSUER is working

    Hi, Very strange because I am on the same problem with a twin on MSFS and I don't understand ....
  15. Lagaffe

    MSFS Turboprop Power 'Hump' ?

    Hi, I cannot answer to yours questions but you made me discover this new version of AAM that I did not know. For that, thanks William for this pearl !