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    How to avoid MSFS acft to spawn on AI acft same parking spot?

    PROPER AI aircraft spawns at proper parking based on parking specification You can't Place them, they are placed by AI I think you placed simobject's aircraft. they are almost like scenery object, therefore no reason to place a proper parking underneath them If you really need a parking in...
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    MSFS "Do not enter" taxiway sign?

    https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/Developer_Mode/Scenery_Editor/Objects/Taxiway_Sign_Objects.htm# According to sdk, you can place on default taxi signs only numers, letters , arrows and Borders Not a bug, a feauture they call It Of course you can create your own taxi sign in Blender, for...
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    MSFS Several of my airports now crashing to desktop for users after world update 4

    Tried your aiports, no problems so far As per the above mentioned problems, my user eventually said that issue was due to an "enhaced runway texture pack", using standard texture problem won't occur How in the hell a replacement texture Will make the Sim crash at an Airport using It Is beyond...
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    MSFS Several of my airports now crashing to desktop for users after world update 4

    I got a (by now) single user complaining about same issue (ctd) @ my recently released LIDT Of course no problem on my side I Will try your Airport (have seen them om flightsim.to) and check whether the same ctd Will happen to me -I don't get why you can"t load your scenery as a simple user...
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    MSFS Analog Clock

    flr means "round to nearest integer downward" for example, time is 22h.34m.52s, aim for the red digit <Animation guid="fcfbd7d3-ee64-4ab8-9f81-2e7c13814b3c" length="360" name="hours1" type="Sim" typeParam="AutoPlay" typeParam2="hours1"/> <PartInfo> <Name>hours1</Name>...
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    MSFS Some spots left in the terrain - cannot get rid of it...

    Got it, Sir...We were trying to solve a different problem :) those patches don't come from aerial imagery, therefore correction with aprons is not the right way Thore ARE APRONS! I load your aiport in msfs, in dev mode Options/Debug Drawing - Terrain you certainly have the Draw on terrain...
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    MSFS Some spots left in the terrain - cannot get rid of it...

    Grass mousa Is the One i use, make sure the apron you use to cover the White patches has a priority ABOVE underneath apron (by default the are all "0"), in you case underneath must be 0 and the new One could be 1 or above Make also sure that covering aprons are not transparent ( 255 value Is...
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    MSFS Some spots left in the terrain - cannot get rid of it...

    The "right" way of getting rid of those patches Is an apron with a texture applied (like grass_mousa). Using the coloring option and some falloff Will let you easylly blend with surrouding grass You don't Need polygons unless you want to exclude trees or terraform. Polygons are really not...
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    MSFS Animated Flags for you

    ANY COMMERCIAL USE IS PROHIBITED Dear guys, as gift to all the help i got from you over the years, i'm pleased to share to whom is interested my animated flags (4 animation according to wind speed and wind direction) to use them, place the files in PackageSources\Simobjects\misc in your...
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    MSFS Adding another new model no longer showing textures

    Sir, looks like your textures are 2049*2049 pixels, Try making them 2048*2048 ( Or 512*512, or 1024*1024 or 4096*4096..Square and Power of two) Inviato dal mio Mi 9 Lite utilizzando Tapatalk
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    MSFS Analog Clock

    It Is possible, i've made One, if you go into the tower you can see a "Digital Clock" in action https://flightsim.to/file/12026/lidt-trento-mattarello-aeroporto-g-caproni The object Is made of 6 different cylinders with a Number onto each face, it's Just a simple rotation animation You can...
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    MSFS MSFS Environment Occluder does not occlude snow

    No, It doesn't occlude snow If you don't want snow inside your terminal you simply Need to tick the "no snow" checkbox in the properties Windows of the sdk as soon as you add your object in the Sim If you want snow outside (and of course you want It!) You Need to create 2 separate models...
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    blender object to msfs size to big

    the bridge seems to be simple to me, but the fencing on the side of the bridge looks like to use lots of polys, unfortunatly you screenshot does not show how many vertex/polys/tris are there in your scene. please enable the counters in your status bar: polycount - Polygon and Vertices count for...
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    Vehicle segment seeks advice or solution

    you need to add a taxyway parking, type VEHICLE, and connect it to your taxy network take a look at this tutorial: SDK Tutorial #11 - Ground services - Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube
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    Blender2MSFS Limitation? Color Multipliers

    0. Is your decals texture like the One shown here (the ones with chekerboard are those with transparency): https://www.textures.com/search?q=Dirt%20Decal And most important, have you squared It? (512x512 pixel, 1024x1024 pixel and so on) 1. Is your decals showing correctly in Windows gtlf...