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    FSX Stair Truck

    Does anyone Know if there is a Stair Truck for any airport and self built airports?
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    FSX Installed a boxed version of fsx and ........................................ Its turned in to steam ?

    FSX installed find on my windows 10 1809 with sp1 and sp2. runs fine,I have Rex Radar, Rex Texture Direct. and Rex Sky Force. All installed fine and works fine. I don't know if it makes a difference my box Ver, is FSX Gold. If anyone has any question feel free to drop me a note.
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    GPS TCAS Aircarct Color

    what do i need to change to FFFF00? <!-- FSX TCAS --> <LayerVehicles>1</LayerVehicles> <DetailLayerVehicles>True</DetailLayerVehicles> <TextDetailLayerVehicles>True</TextDetailLayerVehicles>...
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    GPS TCAS Aircarct Color

    ok guys thank very much for your help. here's what i have so far, i unzipped the file with winwar, i was able to edit the gps500,xml file with notepad. i saved the mxl file. i then dropped the fspgps file on to SDK Cabdir.exe, it created the new cab file but no change in color of the...
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    GPS TCAS Aircarct Color

    opps i forget its a xml file the cab file.
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    GPS TCAS Aircarct Color

    Ok i found it in a Zipped file. i unzipped it with win zip, i opened it with notepad, im able to change and save it but how do i zip it back to a .cab File? <!-- FSX TCAS --> <LayerVehicles>1</LayerVehicles>...
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    GPS TCAS Aircarct Color

    Hi all Can someone please tell me how to change the color of the TCAS aircraft symbol on my GPS 500? right now its PINK when i run FSX, i want to change it to Yellow. here is a pic of what i would like to change to.
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    AIFP Aircraft error

    im trying to add an aircraft, using bulk add, i find the aircraft i want to add and click add, then i get an error saying cruse speed missing. Can some one help Please? "Boeing C-17" Aircraft cruise speed missing aircraft.cfg has been edited to what i thought was right...
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    Parking Lot?

    How do i add a Automobile parking lot with lines and all to my airport?
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    P3D v4 XML dotted/dashed lines

    pdf wont open.
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    Losing altitude on banking.

    POWER! More Power! lol
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    FSXA ASN weather radar

    use Rex radar and put and icon to open it on your panel.
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    Adding ATC Boundaries to FSX

    can some please tell me why this wont work? it compiles ok but wont show up on maps and GPS. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <FSData version="9.0" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="bglcomp.xsd" > <Boundary...
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    Airport Airspace

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    Airport Airspace

    i'm not looking for atc freqs, i need to add a atc airspace to an airport and have it show on the map and gps.