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Recent content by Mikea.at

  1. Mikea.at

    MSFS (Blender) - Collision not working on a particular 3D asset

    Crazy stuff, i think you are using the github version of the blender exporter? I almost never use collision. I dont think that it is that necessary unless you are making a heliport. I also think many people disabled the crash feature because of that horrible implemented "you crashed" screen. :)
  2. Mikea.at

    MSFS Collision Material

    The collision object should have low poly mesh. Create a new plane, move it on top of your platform. Use the invisible msfs material for it. Check collision with the latest blender2 msfs2 addon. https://github.com/tml1024/Blender2MSFS2
  3. Mikea.at

    MSFS How to texture windows which shall not be transparent

    The thing is if you use s substance material to make the glass and use the msfs standard material the reflections are good in the sim but it depends on the angle where you look at the window. Some angles are good some are terrible. The problem is the msfs glass has a ugly hdr image in its...
  4. Mikea.at

    MSFS model acts as if show backfaces is ticked

    If you do mirroring stuff you get this problems.
  5. Mikea.at

    MSFS Complicated text in Blender/MSFS

    Import the text as a plane image. Then model it in 2d low poly. At the end extrude it.
  6. Mikea.at

    MSFS Dortmund for the MSFS (WIP)

    Looks very nice so far. Looking forward to the release. :)
  7. Mikea.at

    MSFS New update, New SDK issues

    I allways build with fspackagetool outside of the sim. :) There you dont get this problem.
  8. Mikea.at

    MSFS Remove part of an object

    Tab into edit mode, select the faces from the unwanted part hit x to delete.
  9. Mikea.at

    Grass Heigt

    In the past it was also possible to cut grass with a occluder object, but that is a crazy job if you have a profile in the underground and not a 100% flat one. :D
  10. Mikea.at

    Grass Heigt

    Is there also a grey value to cut the grass to the half hight? I think orishek is looking for that.
  11. Mikea.at

    How to light a face of an object

    Add a spot light in blender.
  12. Mikea.at

    open door hangar

    You can place the runway starts off the runway too. I do this and place them at the holding lines.
  13. Mikea.at

    MSFS Blender2MSFS Limitation? Color Multipliers

    If you download directly from github as a .zip file you dont have to rezipp at all. Just use the downloaded zip. Go to blender addons install from file. :)
  14. Mikea.at

    MSFS Blender2MSFS Limitation? Color Multipliers

    Delete every old version, restart blender, install the new version. That should work. :)