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    Thorp Update

    I have been working at getting my workflow down with Substance Painter and have also been adding more stuff in the engine compartment. I now have fuel and electrical systems installed. There is still a bit to add to them, but here is where I am at...
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    Thorp Update

    In the interest of not making folks plow through a long thread I am shifting to individual updates. The project has moved to P3D version 4.5. I am working on PBR materials and learning Substance Painter.
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    P3D v4 PBR Material Question

    I am working on incorporating PBR materials on my project. I am now able to assign materials in Max and see them in sim. I am trying to understand what I need to do with my existing textures. I assign my diffuse texture in the albedo slot and it shows, but the alpha layer no longer seems to have...
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    3DS Max PBR Material Error

    It seems to work correctly if I start a new scene. I made a sphere and got a PBR material on it with no error message.
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    3DS Max PBR Material Error

    I am trying to experiment with PBR materials on my current project. I am using max 2015. When I select "Prepar 3DPBR" in the material editor i get this. Any ideas?
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    P3D v4 Odd Shading

    My project did not have this problem in P3D 3.4, but when I moved up to the current version it now looks like this. The materials are not PBR, at least not yet.
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    Substance Painter

    I am considering getting this program. I would be interested in feedback from anyone out there using it currently.
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    P3D v4 A2A Rain Effects

    A2A made this availible a while back. I am trying to use this for my Thorp T-18. So far I have had no success. Has anyone here used it?
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    Setting up Max for 2 SDKs

    I finally decided to get into P3D v4. I still need to work in v3 at times. How do I set up Max so I can use a shortcut to open it with v3 tools or v4 tools depending on the version I want to work on?
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    Shaking Gauge Needles at Idle

    Thanks Tom. The concept makes sense. I tried the code but it is not working in that I have no movement at all. I'm playing around with it now.
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    Shaking Gauge Needles at Idle

    I would like to include this feature in my current project. I have a start using the rocker arm animation, but it needs to fade as the rpm increases. Any advice on how would be appreciated.
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    Thorp T-18 Redux

    I have been working on more cockpit stuff, and I am getting close now. The pilot figure is the last big thing I still need to do. No idea when it will actually be done though. ;)
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    Sikorsky S92 (FS9/FSX)

    Pretty sure there is no point in keeping this thread going.
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    Thorp T-18 Redux

    Still working on it...
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    So I go to look this over and I come across this..."Wandering into the grass of irrelevancy attempting to flush out the rodents of inaccuracy in order to bring you the “real news”. " While waiting to see if my interest needle will ever come off the zero peg I'll toss another bag-o-popcorn into...