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    Handy Maxscript for effects...

    Wow. This thread lit up when I left to raise the kids. Seems it's still doing well. I've missed this stuff New Flight Sim coming. Exciting times.
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    The Azure cloud won't be down. I would suggest that the Azure implementation is exactly how the studio got budget approval. No Azure. no sim.
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    Happy New Year 2009!

    Hi All, I know I have not been around much. Many things going on over here in Ireland ;) Just wanted to pop on to wish all a great New Year! Here is to a better 2010!!!!
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    Windows 7 and FSX

    Just to say to anyone interested.... I have been running Windows 7 "live" since the early beta's. I can tell you that as an O/S this thing rocks! :) Get it!
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    Back online, but...

    Agreed :) I just wish I had time to design stuff still ;)
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    New 30m GDEM

    But that large cone exists, in real life :) :stirthepo
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    Thank you! Downloading now.
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    Notification emails

    Should now be fixed.
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    New 30m GDEM

    Any of you fancy trying it on Ireland? ;)
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    100.000 posts

    Impressive stats :)
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    Hey, if you have this tutorial can you send it back to me! I lost my originals!
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    Site Down and Up and Down etc.....

    Yes, you can blame me... its my fault, but I know you all love me dearly. Sorry about the downtime, we have been working on improving the server, its backup, and various other technical things... Cheers! Nick
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    Are we wasing our time?

    OK, so here is an "inside" take on it, without breaking my NDA. All I can say is this. I saw things that certain folk on the ACES team were working on that would WORK WITH FSX and greatly help the community of developers. I truly hope that those "things" will make it out on the fsinsider...
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    Are we wasing our time?

    Being polite is the best way with them, I assure you. The profits across the company are not reflective of segments of said company. Nick