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Recent content by Paavo

  1. Paavo

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    MSFS Toolkit is dual-licensed: free for non-commercial use, but requires a paid license to exploit it commercially. I have recently discovered many examples of commercial products that have been created using the free version of MSFS Toolkit. By doing so, they consume fruits of the freeware...
  2. Paavo

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    MSFS Toolkit is actually fine, even got a large commit last month that rewrote most of elevation tool, based on the experience of creating mesh for the extremely demanding 2NC0 Mountain Air Airport by PILOT'S. I simply haven't had the time to follow this thread. Github repo is currently...
  3. Paavo

    MSFS Working VDGS in MSFS

    Hi everyone, After finding out that all common approaches of building visual docking systems for MSFS give rather limited results, I decided to create a fully functional docking system from scratch. It does not rely on LOD hacking nor replacing the marshaller with a custom model. It is a true...
  4. Paavo

    Different airport services on different parking types

    The example above was based on my own reverse-engineering of the first public release of MSFS. Documentation didn't exist then. To my best knowledge, it still works, but I haven't tested it recently. ParkingEntry defines the types of parking spots the ParkingSpace definition will apply to...
  5. Paavo

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    Thank you! v0.52 is out: https://github.com/noolaero/msfs-toolkit/releases/tag/v0.52 It switches to the new version of OSGeo4W tools and needs to re-download them. To speed up downloads, we've set up our own mirror server that cuts OSGeo4W install time from 25 minutes down to 3 minutes.
  6. Paavo

    MSFS Need early version of SDK!

    Installed SDK version makes no difference, because the SDK contains only documentation and samples. Dev mode tools and compiler are a part of Flight Simulator itself and get updated along with it. Even fspackagetool.exe, which is a command line tool belonging to the SDK that compiles projects...
  7. Paavo

    SDK 0.14

    Yes. Samples are available separately from Dev menu > Help > Samples > Samples. Installers were buggy previously. If I manually uninstalled older SDKs, then I could choose install path when installing the new SDK. Now the Browse button remains grayed out in both cases.
  8. Paavo

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    Reproject your source files to EPSG 3857 (Web-Mercator or Pseudo-Mercator) or 4326 (WGS84) in QGIS, Global Mapper or any other common mapping tool. It looks like the current projection information in your source files is invalid. Also make sure that "patk_3m_dem.shp" has a valid projection info...
  9. Paavo

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    Manually applied blending has never been supported. Tiles outside your export area or inside and with no visible pixels are automatically skipped over and not written to output folder. You end up with only the PNGs your project actually uses. I may be able to fairly easily add support for...
  10. Paavo

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    Existing transparency is ignored. Instead a new transparency channel is created based on shapes given with -border <file> and blending radius given with -blend <m>. This means you don't need to manually mask aerial imagery. Just draw appropriate polys.
  11. Paavo

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    Please send me the DEM file, I am unable to download it directly (connection times out).
  12. Paavo

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    I added scaling. Replace your current msfs_elev.py with the latest one from https://github.com/noolaero/msfs-toolkit and add -scale 0.3048 argument. This will scale units from feet to meters.
  13. Paavo

    MSFS [Paid] Flight dynamics for AI airplanes

    I am looking for a person who can do configuration (eg contact points) and flight dynamics to convert existing P3D general aviation AI airplanes to MSFS. Model conversion, animations and textures have already been taken care of. What's left is the configuration to make them flyable within...
  14. Paavo

    MSFS How to get list of valid aircraft titles - for use in, say, an AICreateNonATCAircraft call ?

    SimConnect needs so-called container titles. You can find them in aircraft.cfg or sim.cfg. Look for title= values.
  15. Paavo

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    The border file only describes the area that should be cut out from source data. It does not know anything about the positioning of other source files. A new tool will soon help with restoring metadata in manually edited imagery files.