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    FSXA Cannot delete taxiway signs

    You have to make sure that the main taxiway sign is deleted. If not then you end up with doubled taxiway signs. This may be the cause of your issue. Since you can't easily find the main taxiway sign, it's best to simply create an exclusion rectangle covering the entire airport, and specify...
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    Adding Terminal BGLs

    The current version of FSX Planner does not show generic building objects. The version we are currently working (not yet released) does have that functionality though.
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    Next Update or Finish?

    The next version is under development. It's just taking much longer than anticipated due to other projects. I can't really give a due date as we don't have a firm one, but rather a "when it's done" one. So for a gross estimate how does sometime in 2010 work? :)
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    FSX FSX Planner will not work after a few times using.

    Perhaps something got corrupted? If nothing opens I'd suggest reinstalling FSXPlanner to ensure everything is working properly. After that then see if the problem persists.
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    FSX FSX Planner will not work after a few times using.

    Can you post your modified xml file so we can look at it? Thanks. -Russell
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    Zooming in with night lighting enabled

    So you can zoom in, but just not all the way like you can when night lighting is off. Is that right?
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    Zooming in with night lighting enabled

    yes you should be able to do that. are you not able to?
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    AI Aircraft disappear

    This can usually be traced to taxiways that are not connected fully, as you said. I'd start with the landing AI, and see if there is a full taxiway system from the end of the runway all the way to the parking spots. Make sure the taxiways are of the corect type (ie runway type for the runway...
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    FSX Newbie asks newbie question

    The best way to find the elevation for your proposed airstrip would be to fly to the desired location and land. You can then see what the elevation is at that spot and use that. Note that the airport has to be one elevation everywhere, so if the place you want to create the airport is on a...
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    FSX FSX Planner compiling

    You should be able to enter the lat/lon how you have it above. Just make sure your preferences are set to accept lat/lons in that manner.
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    Compile Problems

    Make sure you are running FSX Planner as an administrator (right click it and choose 'Run As Administrator') if you are using Vista. If you don't do this then it can't create the bgl file and you get the error you mentioned above where it couldn't copy the file to the destination folder.
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    FSX I need help. Problem with airport not showing up!

    Do you mean the airport shows up on the map within fsx? when you compiled the bgl did you make sure that runways should be included in the bgl?
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    FSX I need help. Problem with airport not showing up!

    Does any part of the airport show up correctly? In the list of airports in FSX your new one is at the top?
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    Airport Test Radius

    That message is there to prevent you from using unecessarily large background images. So my first question is do you need to use such a large background image, or can you crop it so that it is smaller? If you can't crop it, then you can adjust the test radius in the airport information display...
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    Next Update or Finish?

    Nope, not done. Work is progressing, just more slowly than I would like, due to other projects. As FSX Planner is a free application, it always gets put on the back burner when a paying one comes along. :)