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    How do I Determine What the Object is From a Placement File that Uses Guids

    Hi Ken. You really should be using ADE (Airport Design Editor) for most of this. You can create a bgl that excludes or adds objects as well as alter the default runways, etc... You should not delete anything from the default BGLS. Just delete items and replace them as necessary. ADE can load...
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    Google Stadia

    No Flight simulators yet. It looks like $9.99 per month for access and each game will also have a sale price. All computing and graphics done on the cloud, 4K resolution, 60 FPS. currently limited to perhaps 20 countries.
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    Each landclass tile is approximately 1km squared (QMID 15 or LOD 13). The texture resolution of landclass is 1.2m per pixel in FSX or P3D. The resolution of CF2 -> FS2004 is 4.5m per pixel. Hard-coded. Photoreal can be of any size and up to 7cm per pixel. There is a trick to get even...
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    I'd bet they keep the landclass texture resolution at 1.2 meters. I hope they consider tightening the landclass data points to say 0.5 kilometers from the current 1 kilometer. I lobbied for this in FSX but there wasn't any hope for it. The Olson land classification data was 1 kilometer. At 0.5...
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    I'm not saying P3D is in danger of collapsing. I'm saying it's users base may shrink drastically. Why would developers continue to make content for a user-base of thousands, when the new sim may end up with a users base of hundreds of thousands? Especially if conversion to P3D requires...
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    FSX How do I Determine Unknown Coordinates in SbuilderX

    As noted above, if you plan on distributing the completed scenery, it would violate the Mega Scenery Earth rights, and you could be fined or sued. You can generally calibrate a scenery by determining the NSEW extents of a rectangular and aligned image. Some GIS programs allow an alignment to...
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    I sense that Dos Equis may become a 'sim killer'. If this thing is too good. If it really delivers. What is the point of P3D, X-plane, or Aerofly? Especially in danger is P3D and it's large base of 'not for entertainment' violators. As developers making content for these sims, it might be...
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    FSX Possible MCX issue??

    If you have the x file from FSDS, you could see the differences there.
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    OK. That just seems a bit weird to me. Maybe they'll fix the Jeppensen real-time weather for FSX...
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    FS2020 seems to be a game, but not simulator

    I believe the next announcement update will contain a hint of backward compatibility to FSX scenery and aircraft. I suspect that aircraft with XML gauges will work, similar to P3D.
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    GIS Data Sources

    I take it back, regarding the water masking. Same old masking. Same old errors.
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    GIS Data Sources

    Hey Gary. I looked at some of the data for NASADEM. It looks like they have reworked the water masking a bit. I don't know why they stopped at N60 and S56. It excludes some interesting terrain.
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    GIS Data Sources

    NASADEM is basically void-filled SRTM + ASTER, at 30 meters. Nothing new, just reworked data. Might be a real nice set, but no finer resolution than that already offered.
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    My current message to the Microsoft Guy is to quit reading this stuff and get back to work! Tick-tock!