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Recent content by rhumbaflappy

  1. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Premium vs Default airports in ADE

    Are these airports in the premium edition? I don't have them either. Deluxe Edition Content Deluxe Edition includes all base-game content. Airports Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands) Cairo International Airport (Egypt) Cape Town International Airport (South Africa) O’Hare International...
  2. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Visual Docking Guidance System

    There is a VDGS : \aerosoft-paderborn\SimObjects\Misc\EDLP_VDGS
  3. rhumbaflappy

    open door hangar

    I'm sure a WASM gauge is the right way to trigger the door opening animation by proximity. But unless a short tutorial is given, most of us won't be able to understand the process. WASM allows the use of simconnect-type actions and data as I understand it. You should be able to grab the location...
  4. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS MSFS Toolkit by Nool Aerosystems

    Polygon Meyenheim.kml perhaps should be named: Polygon_Meyenheim.kml (no spaces)
  5. rhumbaflappy

    A list of MSFS animation XMLs

    Attached is a list of MSFS animation XMLs
  6. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS A list of folders containing MSFS textures

    This Attached list is derived from my steam version.
  7. rhumbaflappy

    How to relocate stock airport

    As the above example I gave, you need to close the default SJXA and create a new airport using SJXA1 (or some similar name). Attached is an example that closes SJAX and creates SJXA1. You'll need to change some things. I'm sure, but it should be a good start. Here's the XML: <?xml...
  8. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Loading LSZH (World update) causes error

    Patrick might need to examine this. microsoft-airport-lszh-zurich in the Official folder.
  9. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS How to create assets (objects) library

    1) Yes. 2) I do it manually. 3) You can compile it through the devmode, But it is probably easier to use the fspackagetool. I make a shortcut of the tool on the desktop, and drag'n'drop the package xml onto that shortcut icon.
  10. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS How to create assets (objects) library

    Agreed. Separate library packages complicate things. simmers will need to have both the library package and the actual scenery placement package. Why have 2 packages when one will do?
  11. rhumbaflappy

    Limited Support for TS Pro

    Take care Don. I hope you feel well soon.
  12. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS How to create assets (objects) library

    I do it like this (attached).
  13. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Can we open third party airport’s .bgl with ADE in order to edit it ?

    Concerning permissions about the ELLX package: Permissions Changelogs 5 User Gallery 0 Upload Permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances. Modification Permission You must get permission from me first before you are allowed to modify or improve...
  14. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Check scenery without closing and launching MSFS again possible?

    Do you mean previewing a finished package? Or using the devmode to load a project?
  15. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS How to change where compiled output is copied to

    I have the Steam version and have no such problems as you have had. I can place the official and community folders wherever I want, with no protection issues. I know this would cost for another sim, but you would save all the aggravation you have experienced.