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Recent content by rhumbaflappy

  1. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Is it not possible to rename a replacement airport?

    I don't think the above ( altering lokPak files) would work at all. Here's what we can do: There are very few identifiers in the default MSFS (or the real world), that start with Q. And the xml code for airports can have up to 5 characters. So If I want to rename Lake Lawn Airport as...
  2. rhumbaflappy

    Hurghada Airport | HRG | HEGN

    I'm closing this thread. Constructive criticism is part of the FS development process. And the Showroom here certainly exposes the developer to that criticism. But when a addon reaches it's conclusion, any further commentary needs to go to the OP's website or distribution website, or can be...
  3. rhumbaflappy

    I cant exclude some object in MSFS

    I think they are like the windmill generators and can't be excluded.
  4. rhumbaflappy

    How to relocate stock airport

    The above will allow you to place everything (runways, aprons,...) but it retains the old ICAO and the old map location. A different solution is to use a new ICAO identifier (such as FNMO1) and close the old airport. This will display correctly in the sim's maps, but you lose the original ICAO...
  5. rhumbaflappy

    How to relocate stock airport

    airportTestRadius="5000.00000000000000" isn't enough to add the new airport from the reference location of the old airport I think. Try 20000.0 and see if you can relocate the airport.
  6. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Triggering Hangar door animation in SimObject by distance?

    I don't own that scenery, but if it is a long animation, I would suspect it is a script.
  7. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Color Matching aerial imagery in MSFS

    Here's a compilation using the bing tiles imagery, with no alteration from ImageMagick or any paint program: Notice how unsaturated it is, and too blue. I'm guessing that the streaming tiles we get are pre-processed at the server. They are darkened and made bluer to account for the sim"s...
  8. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Airport Beacon Object N/A

    Look here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/has-beacon.451312/
  9. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Color Matching aerial imagery in MSFS

    One of the more difficult aspects of bringing aerial imagery into MSFS is matching the default color. If, and when we have seasons, this will be even harder to accomplish. I recently went through the aerial imagery tutorial by Nool Aerosystems. The toolkit is great, and it makes a tedious...
  10. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    I'm closing the thread before it goes downhill any further. It would be best to take complaints about MSFS to Asobo and Microsoft. This is a developer forum and in-depth commentary about the sim belongs somewhere else. forums.flightsimulator.com
  11. rhumbaflappy

    Missing CEMENT texture

    Hard to see in the picture, but CEMENTDIRT01 is a material, not a texture. The texture it refers to is ASO_CEMENT01_ALBEDO.TIF.DDS
  12. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS Totally Bricked

    You might try an administrator commandline. then enter sfc /scannow to verify and repair any windows issues, I was forced to do that myself today in an unrelated issue. It did repair some files. and the issue I had resolved.
  13. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS trees on taxiway

    The TaxiPaths have an option to exclude vegetation:
  14. rhumbaflappy

    Testing Alternate Package Compilation

    Thanks Didier for your help. The Force Console at the end of the command is a good catch. The reason I persist with this is: I received some feedback that this does not work for everyone, and the indication was that the MS Store version could not use this. Good to see that it works. I think...
  15. rhumbaflappy

    Testing Alternate Package Compilation

    When you check the Packages folder, the package is built? If so, Can you delete _PackageInt and Packages folders, start up the sim and go to an airport, and then run the command to see if it will build the package? That would confirm we can build packages outside the sim, while it is running.