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    Hi all. Not sure where to place this info, but here goes. When compiling with BGLC_9, you can look at the Windows Task Manager, and see that BGLML.exe is actually doing the work. BGLC_9 is just calling that program. I've captured BGLML and it's include files, and attached it here.
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    Compiler issues with SBuilderX - Too many objects?

    It's unlikely the problem is SBuilderX. Zip up your xml file and attach it to a post, then someone can try to duplicate the problem. Or save an SBuilderX SBX file and zip & attach that here.
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    New to the forum, My family owns an airport and I heard you could find someone here to help with scenery

    The pictures should be of the buildings you'd want duplicated. Their positions and photoreal background can be gleaned from google maps or maybe NAIP imagery. Also, let us know if you'd want just the airfield or also the nearby row of houses? The more info the better. Keep in mind, the more...
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    How to make scenery disappear and reappear at specific times

    I recall you can call a library object from an effect. Not sure for which sims. There are some problems with this... perhaps shadows not showing, and if you get too close to the object, it suddenly disappears. also...
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    FS2004 Issue where Library Objects sometimes are not suppressing autogen [SOLVED]

    Try assigning a keypress as Refresh Scenery in slew mode. I set mine as CTRL + z as that is easy to hit. it will take a short while to refresh the scenery, and hopefully the autogen will be suppressed. It's an FS2004 thing.
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    If someone buy your Scenery/Airplane and ask for refund.

    True enough. But regarding this refund, valid copy with registered owner equals refund. You're not going to be refunding this same copy over and over again. Just once, regardless if it was illegally obtained. I would even ask the customer exactly what improvements are needed to satisfy him. The...
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    P3D v4 Deep ditch between LOD11 & LOD13

    You could try this INF: [Source] Type = GeoTiff Layer = Elevation SourceDir = "I:\MeshAngola_QGIS\MESH_ETM12" SourceFile = "RocceNereW_01.tif" [Destination] DestDir = "K:\SBuilderX315\P3D\RocceNere\scenery" DestBaseFileName = "RocceNereW_LOD12_125" DestFileType = BGL FractionsBits = 3 LOD =...
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    Dodosim Developer and

    A very good article is here:
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    Mount St. Helens pre-1980 terrain - issues with display after compiling

    LOD=Auto is the problem. You need a value set that over-rides the default mesh or when you get close, the default will show.
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    FS2004 compressed bgl

    Simviation has a copy of BGLZIP
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    Stock object placement file

    In MCX, you can import the OBX?????.BGL from the default FSX scenery location. You can then export the scenery as FS2004 BGLComp XML file(*.xml) This gives you the actual FS2004 placement of the FSX scenery objects.
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    Back again...and news update

    Welcome back!
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    FSX not sharpen!

    If you deactivate your scenery, does the problem persist?
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    P3D v4 Dynamic Reflections Testing

    OK. Understood.