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Recent content by Roy Holmes

  1. Roy Holmes

    Piston engines and props

    "In fact it seems to use CL @ 0 aoa and CL max. Post stall aoa is not modifiable.." If you need a good example of the problems that brings, try flying the Pitts inverted Roy.
  2. Roy Holmes

    MS2020- How to convert a FSX:SE plane to FS2020 ?

    You should start by reading the SDK. Conversion is very complex and no easy task. Roy
  3. Roy Holmes

    MSFS MSFS2020 Flight Model

    Jeehell said "I compare from real life experience on the following models DR400, DA40 and DA42. I have >100hours on each of these, they don't come close enough. I don't feel any stability, on any axis, whereas these aircraft are rather easy to fly IRL" That for me sums up what MSFS has done for...
  4. Roy Holmes

    MSFS Need Help Tweaking Default DA40NG Plane - Datum Reference

    I opened the Wortman airfoil page. If you look at the chart for CL versus Alpha you can see that the AOA for CL=0 is minus 8. That means when flying straight and level at cruising speed you will have an AOA of about -6. So the attitude using Wortman is correct. I would suspect that an airfoil of...
  5. Roy Holmes

    MSFS Need Help Tweaking Default DA40NG Plane - Datum Reference

    In a side elevation view you can only see the root chord of the wing, you need to also consider if there is taper such that the wing tip chord is smaller than the root chord. That would indicate that mean (average) chord is shorter than root chord. And while not the case here, if your wings are...
  6. Roy Holmes

    MSFS Need Help Tweaking Default DA40NG Plane - Datum Reference

    The visual reference point is chosen as a conveniently acquired position to measure moments from when the airplane is weighed. The airplane CG will have to be within defined limit distances from that point. In other words it is only used when the aircraft CG is being calculated. As such it plays...
  7. Roy Holmes

    P3D v5 Turbine Engine Data

    I did say it was one simple way. It is a lot more simple than changing the slope in 1505 which you will be lucky to get away with doing without an argument. in my experience. Roy
  8. Roy Holmes

    MSFS We need a new FS2020-ready AirWrench, or AirEd :-)

    "You can make changes and immediately apply them to your model." That assumes you know what changes to make. Also if the changes are potentially interrelated you absolutely should make one change, test the result, if needed make further changes and tests and then move on to the next thing to...
  9. Roy Holmes

    P3D v5 Turbine Engine Data

    One simple way to vary the spool rate is in the aircraft.cfg. [TurbineEngineData] fuel_flow_gain =1.00000 //0.046 //Gain on fuel flow Here you can see that the original value of fuel flow gain was 0.046 and I made it 1.0 which gives it quicker spool rates. Roy
  10. Roy Holmes

    P3D v4 Rudder control

    It could be the rudder is overpowered or it could be the moments of inertia are too low The answers will be in the .air file or the aircraft.cfg file. Looking at the aircraft.cfg first because it is more understandable: Find [weight_and_balance] These are the numbers for the stock C-130 which...
  11. Roy Holmes

    MSFS Change default aircraft flight dynamic

    No ideas I'm afraid, but this sim does not seem to be set up to help developers. Maybe they will change that sometime in the future. Roy
  12. Roy Holmes

    MSFS Change default aircraft flight dynamic

    You can try this. Find Official/OneStore/asobo-aircraft-c172sp-as100/SimObjects/airplanes/Asobo_C172sp_C172sp_AS1000. Make a copy of flight_model.cfg , rename it back-up_flight_model.cfg and save it in the same directory. Open flight_model.cfg with something simple like Notepad. about half way...
  13. Roy Holmes

    FS2004 [SOLVED] Complex Custom Fuel System

    I think you could do this just using the standard fuel delivery system and naming the tanks appropriately. For instance you say "Tip tanks do not directly feed engines. They can only be emptied into their adjacent main tank (1 or 4)." That means the contents of the tip tanks go down and the...
  14. Roy Holmes

    MSFS Disk Space Requirement

    I got it a 512GB SSD and adapters for about $85. I will keep everything else on my original 512 SSD. Roy
  15. Roy Holmes

    Boeing 747 NASA Corrected Net Thrust - Where am I going wrong?

    I'm fairly sure the atmosphere is correctly modeled up to the tropopause and that instead of the pause it keeps the same lapse rates so is inaccurate above 36500 ish feet. Would not make much difference at the heights 747 fly. Roy