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Recent content by sal1800

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    landing gear etc. variables

    Animating on the rudder is easy enough but doesn't follow the true castering movement of the tailwheel. But in practice, it's hard to really notice. <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Anim"> <ANIM_NAME>Tailwheel_caster</ANIM_NAME> <ANIM_SIMVAR>RUDDER DEFLECTION PCT</ANIM_SIMVAR>...
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    MSFS The 'How-To' Basics of adding custom sounds to an existing Sound.XML stock Asobo file system

    This is a good topic because the sound system in MSFS seems complicated. I'll contribute the little progress I have discovered. You can certainly add .wav sounds in a sounds.xml file that is for an already built pck file. Just comment out the sections you want to override. You can also use a...
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    MSFS Fuel Selector logic

    I am glad this was useful for someone. At the time, I thought it would be a good example about how to use the case statement in RPN. Since then, I settled on a better implementation of the All, Left, Right, Both fuel selector. I now use four click spots, each covering a quadrant of the fuel...
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    MSFS How to create Switches and Handles in Cockpit

    It looks like you have done some research to try and figure out how the behaviors work, but you are missing a few details. I would suggest looking at more examples to try and understand how the templates work. I know the SDK documentation is not easy to understand, but the information is there...
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    MSFS Can I correct the pitch attitude of MODEL?

    As far as I can tell, Asobo expects the 3D model to be positioned and oriented correctly in the flight attitude. They have not added a provision to correct this in the config. It's not difficult to rotate the entire model and retain the animations in Blender. Just add a root empty object...
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    Blinking Warning Light code?

    Within a template or component, you can use the <Update Frequency="1">{CODE}</Update> definition to run code periodically. I believe the frequency parameter is in seconds. If all the conditions are satisfied, toggle another local var to control when the light is lit. It would be nice to have a...
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    Scenery / aircrafts models copyrights

    IP law allows entities to protect design features and trademarks. But these are also constrained to the areas those owners do business. Does a simulated digital product compete with the actual physical product? There is not a clear default answer to that. Only the legal system can truly answer...
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    Two Days of Frustration and still can't get this texture warping fixed...

    Maybe I'm missing something, but would that not fix itself by just remapping the UV with Project from View? You can pin the perimeter vertices to keep the island in the same place and let it remap the rest of the faces.
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    MSFS Event management in javascript

    Sorry, I misunderstood. The connectedCallback() is run only once, so that's a good place to call your init code. Otherwise, just test against the sim time. You can't count on any expected execution rate as the Coherent thread can get blocked by other sim code. But it's cheap to test a condition...
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    MSFS Event management in javascript

    You should not need to concern yourself with the execution rate. Simply subtract the current time from the previous time to know how much has elapsed from the previous loop.
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    MSFS Reading Cockpit Camera Position/offset

    I think I may have some ideas about this. I was looking deeper into input events to understand how they work, and there is a way to bind to any of the sim events and read the raw value. This could mean that we can read EYEPOINT_UP, EYEPOINT_DOWN, etc. when they change. That by itself is useful...
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    MSFS [SOLVED] What Model XML var tells you the pilot has moved their throttle slider?

    In engine_inputs.xml, there are bindings for the throttle event IDs. This one in particular may be how it can use the generic THROTTLE AXIS. <Binding EventID="AXIS_THROTTLE_SET"> This could mean for us that we can intercept any of the sim events and use the p0 value directly for whatever we want.
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    MSFS [SOLVED] What Model XML var tells you the pilot has moved their throttle slider?

    For the SU7 update, it's clear that Asobo changed the way throttle axis works. They also apparently updated their ASOBO_ENGINE_Lever_Throttle_Template so that the THROTTLE AXIS binding still worked as before. So the simple solution to your problem would be to use that template. But I think the...
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    Question about downloading the sdk

    Depending on your project, you may not need to download and install the SDK. It is mainly useful for the sample project files, as the online documentation is superior to the on-disk version. But you can create and edit scenery, aircraft, effects and some other things entirely from Dev Mode in...
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    MSFS [GUIDE] Creating Livery Packages for MSFS

    The registration number color is set in the panel.cfg file. Locate the VPainting section that applies to the exterior registration and edit the font_color parameter. [VPainting02] size_mm = 512, 128 texture = $RegistrationNumber location = exterior...