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Recent content by Sasa

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    MSFS Exclude Default Simobjects (Wind Turbine)

    That would be very welcome indeed! It's certainly in no one's interest to make global changes if they can be avoided.
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    MSFS Exclude Default Simobjects (Wind Turbine)

    Hmm... how about an intermediary "solution" where those will be overwritten worldwide with an empty object? In this case this approach wouldn't render your own scenery incompatible with other sceneries. It just "kills" the wind turbines worldwide and each scenery can still place its own models...
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    MSFS Exclude Default Simobjects (Wind Turbine)

    Hi Christian, I guess you haven't found a workaround for this one meanwhile? Just started working on the new project and stumbled over this issue. With the default wind turbines poking out of the terrain like sore thumbs where they shouldn't be (even near the airport), I'll have to cancel this...
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    MSFS Light Row and attached 3d model (heading)

    Hi Christian, So the lights are oriented correctly while the meshes/models attached are oriented in all kinds of directions? I can confirm that issue and as far as I know this has been reported to Asobo already. I tried placing the models as normal models instead but weirdly it is impossible to...
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    bridge taxiway over water

    You're right Dick. When doing some experimenting on this again yesterday again I found out that I remembered this incorrectly. FakeTerrain has nothing to do with a hard platform but also doesn't show exactly as surrounding terrain. Looks like there was a good intention to make this happen a long...
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    bridge taxiway over water

    You need to select "FakeTerrain" as material type for this to work:
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    MSFS adding a sloped hole with terra forming

    See here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/everything-about-cgl-generation-custom-dem-works.450379/post-868225
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    Custom vector polygons from SBuilderX, QGIS etc. in MSFS

    Ok, spending a few looooong days on this one now. Here's what I gathered: As previously stated by Dick there are NO holes/islands possible within shapefile polygons! However it is also NOT possible to create more complex polygons around the island, even if they are convex (btw. Manifold GIS...
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    MSFS Drawing a Lake - Graphic Glitches

    The lines are seamlines along certain QMID tiles. Trying to follow-up on this issue here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/custom-vector-polygons-from-sbuilderx-qgis-etc-in-msfs.451812/
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    MSFS adding a sloped hole with terra forming

    Terraforming shapes cannot be sloped as far as I know. All you can do is to create a lowered flatten (=terraforming polygon) and apply a falloff that will have the same distance to all sides. Alternatively you can try a heightmap that gives lots of more options.
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    MSFS Tip: Loading Shortcut

    Just had the same thought here. Waiting for "Checking for updates", then selecting the airport manually, setting daytime and weather, loading again, swtiching to dev-mode... ...really isn't straight forward for quick checks on changes that require a reboot of the sim (basically everything...
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    MSFS Aldinga Airfield (YADG)

    Impressive! It's a shame how people dash through that beautiful landscape on their way to Kangaroo Island - the region there is one of the nicest on earth.
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    How to exclude streetlights?

    Would be interested in this too... but as far as I know this hasn't been addressed in the SDK still...
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    MSFS DevMode CTD

    It may or may not be related to simobjects I guess. I've had the same problems since yesterday and found that the crashes are gone when I remove custom jetways (=simobjects) from the package definitions of the project.
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    Custom vector polygons from SBuilderX, QGIS etc. in MSFS

    Thanks for the quick responses, guys! Dick, I assume you mean something like this here in Global Mapper: https://www.bluemarblegeo.com/knowledgebase/global-mapper-21-1/Chop_Modify_to_remove_islands.htm Works but results in rather "abstract" long polygons, that will potentially still be too...