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Recent content by scottb613

  1. scottb613

    P3D v4 Interested in Airport Design - Where Do I Begin

    Hi Folks, Look at PSP instead of PS - been using it since the Jasc days - and it has just about everything PS has - at a reasonable price - without the monthly extortion fee... Regards, Scott
  2. scottb613

    Starting point for Paintkit

    Hi Vance, While I’ve used PSP since the Jasc days and I do model - I’ve never used FSDS... Yeah - FSDS must have some functions inside the modeling software that allows you to select parts or faces - then “map” them to a specific piece of texture real estate... The more sophisticated modeling...
  3. scottb613

    What is LUA? Does it work in FSX also?

    Hi Bill, Yeah - it's pretty handy for the end user as it gives us control of buttons and switches in the cockpit - that were unavailable by other means... You can also program macros to complete multiple tasks as well... For me - there are few things more annoying than having to drop my HOTAS...
  4. scottb613

    Santa Fe (KSAF) Preview

    Hi Folks, What an absolutely incredible looking airport - here's to hoping that it hasn't been abandoned... Regards, Scott
  5. scottb613

    Spokane International Airport (KGEG)

    Hi Folks, Yeah - I believe ORBX bought Bonner’s Ferry from Jim Robinson (who’s been MIA for a very long time - hope all is well with him) - then Alex finished it for ORBX... I haven’t followed this project - but if a substantial amount of the work was complete - and the author was interested -...
  6. scottb613

    P3D v4 KBUR Burbank

    Hi Folks, Really nice work - looks great... This was a key destination serviced by AirNet Systems - my Learjet is ready when you are... Regard, Scott Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. scottb613

    P3D v4 P3D V4 shading issue

    Hi Folks, Wow - the side by side comparison is dramatic... I always thought the visuals in P3D were suppose to improve on FSX ? Looking at the images - it appears that there is specular shine present in FSX VC that’s not apparent in the P3D VC... Given that it’s the same model is there...
  8. scottb613

    Airport Ground Navigation - The search for eternal peace

    Hi... One other option is Alex’s “Little NavMap” if you have a laptop or second machine handy (otherwise you need to toggle between apps) - it has a full moving map feature - it reads the actual scenery database file from your FS setup - and if you zoom in close enough - shows the equivalent of...
  9. scottb613

    Airport Ground Navigation - The search for eternal peace

    Hi... Not sure if this suits your needs - if you happen to live in and fly in North America - there’s a great FREE tablet EFB app called “Fltplan GO”... It’s a real world EFB for Win/Apple/Android tablets that works with P3D/FSX/XP - that’s the only FREE source of georeferenced approach plates...
  10. scottb613

    Bahamas Photoreal

    Hi Bernardo, Every new shot you post - while seeming impossible - improves on the last - what a complete work of art... The Bahamas - from a RW pilots perspective - is the one destination EVERY East Coast US pilot aspires to visit... Put a group of East Coast Pilots together and at some point...
  11. scottb613

    P3D v4 Basic Tutorial to Create New Mesh ?

    Hi Gary, Plenty to digest - I’ll try and get some time to mess with this over the weekend... Thanks for your patience and sharing that wealth of knowledge of yours - once again - much appreciated... Have a good weekend... Regards, Scott Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. scottb613

    P3D v4 Basic Tutorial to Create New Mesh ?

    Hi Gary, Thanks as always - yeah - been improving an area around KIWI - Wiscasset ME - just for my own amusement - and some of the hills seem a bit off when comparing to the photo terrain I put down - I realize I could work it with flattens - but since moving to P3D I've used nothing but...
  13. scottb613

    P3D v4 Basic Tutorial to Create New Mesh ?

    Hi Folks, I've messed with DEM over the years - is there a basic tutorial around somewhere on the steps involved to create a mesh in P3D ? I found only one video - in English - but that gentleman used Global Mapper for file processing and I'm not $500.00 worth of interested in this process -...
  14. scottb613

    Panama City Airports: Tocumen (MPTO) and Panama Pacifico (MPPA)

    Hi Folks, Beautiful model work but whomever is responsible for keeping the aircraft clean - should be fired - LOL... Regards, Scott
  15. scottb613

    P3D v4 Shiny Home ?

    Hi Rick, Man - does Simdirector really work - it constantly freezes and crashes... LOL - constantly - even after I let it get stable after loading libraries... Thanks... Regards, Scott