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    MSFS 2D gauges conversion by Legacy Importer

    Hello. Project no longer maintained, so the used rendering method (registration number workaround for legacy planes) no longer works properly. But you can fix your gauge manually to make it work fast with native plane (I guess you have a native project), use attached template as example for JS...
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    MSFS Coordinates of nearby planes.

    I am just started to work with SimConnect, but know that you can access data of nearby SIMOBJECTs by ID - PLANE LATITUDE and PLANE LONGITUDE Little Navmap can read parked airplanes, so you could just check out how they made it in the code.
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    #3 is a cheating. exactly my way of MSFS development. applied it to DG808S, sent for approval to VR guy. -- Can confirm it works. One step forward to simplicity - no need to create empty glTF, enough to remove "interior=xxx" line, and replace exterior model name with interior. that is odd...
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    is it about FSX port overs or native aircraft? as long as airplane became pinned in the air right after you set afterburner_available value, that part of code disabled by devs. just yesterday made a workaround tutorial for legacy planes, maybe will be helpful (formatted English subs available)
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    MSFS Possible use sound.cfg and sound.xml concurrently ?

    yep, that will work. same way variometer sound.xml injection happen for gliders in legacy importer.
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    MSFS The Goose flies again for MSFS

    Looks really awesome, can guess flying much better than basic port over. Well done!
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    MSFS 2D gauges conversion by Legacy Importer

    Aircraft panel data manipulation tutorials:
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    MSFS 2D gauges conversion by Legacy Importer

    MSFS Legacy Importer List of changes: * Discord link fixed * missing aircraft.cfg values fix for all liveries * fix for invalid ui_typerole value (to make aircraft visible in main menu list) * real time status for textures conversion, CAB extraction, panels import * JSON generation...
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    MSFS 2D gauges conversion by Legacy Importer

    Thanks for the tip, will check it out. I've made significant improvement lately by adding support of nested Elements, so now a lot of digital instruments details pop up (even if animation does not work properly most of the time). but it cause some problems with cockpits that did work fine...
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    MSFS 2D gauges conversion by Legacy Importer

    Hey, fellow FS developers. I wish to share some information on FSX expressions parsing (which in Reverse Polish notation form, or just Postfix) that implemented in latest Legacy Importer (on post publish moment - in future update). If some of you would like to test conversion process...
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    MSFS 2D gauges conversion by Legacy Importer

    Hi! Expressions parsing is a headache indeed. I've reach some success by simulating stack manipulator - most commands supported (except case mentioned by you, bitwise, string operators, and some uncommon for JS lang commands), but I am going to finish at least most of them. Planning to make...
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    MSFS [GUIDE] Converting Aircraft from FSX to MSFS

    when you don't split aircraft.cfg, plane will be treated as legacy (some built in functions will make it flyable in new environment) and in most cases you will not experience dramatic engines issues. once you split cfg - you have to go to the end - import AIR as well and enable/adjust all...
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    MSFS 2D gauges conversion by Legacy Importer

    Greetings. I am Legacy Importer tool developer and apparently reached the point where I need some help. Working on gauges conversion now, get some result but its really far away from the finish line. As you know, 2D gauges does not work in legacy cockpits (because of bug probably and maybe will...
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    MSFS [GUIDE] Converting Aircraft from FSX to MSFS

    what about MSFS variables that missing in FSX, is some dynamic calculation will be applied in case of FSX2MSFS conversion? or they stay as is
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    Is it only one you have imported? I can recommend to convert stock FSX planes first as they does not have major issues like this one after conversion. check out youtube video tutorial, maybe you are doing something wrong