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Recent content by tml

  1. tml

    MSFS MSFS Marketplace Partner Program

    I guess that must be because you apparently have been producing add-ons for FSX since long. Still doesn't explain how they expect to attract completely new developers to their ecosystem, if they basically ignore us, don't even tell what they expect from us in order to consider our application.
  2. tml

    MSFS Clarification needed: What XML is "evaluated" at "compile time", what during simulation "run time"?

    If one compares the model XML file and all the things it includes to C or C++ source code that is compiled and run, do I understand correctly: <UseTemplate> elements are "expanded" when the XML is read into the simulator. Let's call this "compile time". From the simulator's point if view it is...
  3. tml

    MSFS Tool to expand the templates used in a model XML file

    There is still some stuff that is obviously mishandled, other than the input event things, which can be seen from the fact that the expansion of the DA62_interior.xml still contains <Parameters> elements. Those are all supposed to be handled by the expansion, I think. Will continue hacking on it...
  4. tml

    MSFS Tool to expand the templates used in a model XML file

    Oh, and UseInputEvent elements are not yet handled. Working on that next. Hopefully I will understand how those should be handled.
  5. tml

    MSFS Tool to expand the templates used in a model XML file

    After some nights of frantic Python hacking, I present to you https://github.com/tml1024/MSFS-tools This was my first more serious use of Python, and it probably shows in the code. I probably do some things in a non-Pythonic way. Now you no longer need to manually expand template calls to see...
  6. tml

    MSFS ModelBehaviorDefs parameters with the Process attribute: evaluate at load-time or run-time?

    I had assumed that when a parameter declaration has the Process attribute, that means that the parameter value (the text inside the element) is a RPN expression, typically containing references to other parameters like #FOO#, to evaluate, to get the parameter's value. As in this example in the...
  7. tml

    MSFS Anyone know how TOOLTIP_TITLE works in the new system?

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but how do I know what the Preset ID is? My model XML file has: <Component ID="INSTRUMENT_Fuel_Quantity_Tank_Selector_Knob" Node="Fuel quantity tank selector knob"> <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Knob_Infinite">...
  8. tml


    Well, for starters, you will, to the best of my knowledge, not be able to use C# at all. The relevant languages are JavaScript, C, or C++ mainly, although some have managed to use Rust, too. But what language to use depends on what you want to do. There are several fundamentally different...
  9. tml

    MSFS MSFS Marketplace Partner Program

    Yeah, I get that error, too. I wonder if it is worth it to raise this question on dev support.flightsimulator.com? Really disappointing how Microsoft handles this.
  10. tml

    MSFS MSFS Marketplace Partner Program

    Has anybody been approved recently? I have still not heard anything from my application... Rather discouraging. I hope they aren't just hoping that us small-scale first-time developers go away and distribute outside the in-game marketplace.
  11. tml

    MSFS MSFS 2020 Google Map replacement

    Not really surprising as even the so-called source code on GitHub includes a pre-built .exe file.
  12. tml

    MSFS Do most of the legacy aerodynamics fields not work in the modern FM?

    Whoa, thanks for pointing out this. That makes my flight_model.cfg much cleaner.
  13. tml

    I'm working on aircraft... (2021)

    I am working on the XB-70
  14. tml

    MSFS Flight Model Bending - The Graf Zeppelin (II)

    Not at all, as long as you enjoy what you are doing. By the way, when you are working on an aircraft this old, I assume it is hard to find actual construction drawings with measurements, or even good quality photographs. (Well, it is hard to find such even for much younger aircraft, especially...
  15. tml

    MSFS Creating "slow" and "blurred" propeller animation textures using Blender's shading nodes

    But ideally the frigging software itself should be able to calculate the blurred version of a spinning propeller (or turbine fan, or wheel), right? That is what software is good at, replacing tedious repetitive fully scripted human work.