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    Correlating messages

    With regards to data groupings, I've grouped data by function (ie, panel switches, directinput, control surfaces, etc...) and am using tagged data and ask simconnect only to send data if it actually changes (you can set the threshold for each data point). The returned data will only contain...
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    Question and Data Structure Summary

    Hello, The structures are primarily used to map the data (I think of them as a C type union really) to make some sense of the bits returned by SimConnect where one pointer fits all, thus needs to be cast to the right data structure to be usable, hence the case statement. Case statements are...
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    AoA dependent flaps control

    Dang Tim, we can all have dreams... this is virtual reality isn't it? Etienne
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    AoA dependent flaps control

    Not sure about these, but for some variables or settings that are set via Simconnect (or panel variables for that matter), you need to continuously "re"set or override the values computed by the simulator. I'm not sure if this technique will work with flaps, but you may try to set the values...
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    dll troubles

    I've done away with loading manifests automatically and now parsing the WinSxS folders to find what the client has installed, and using manual dynamic bindings to the dll rather than using the .lib included in the sdk. The other thing I found out I had to check was the C++ runtime libraries...
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    dll troubles

    Oh no, not a dll problem, never heard about those :) Dependency walker will likely tell you what's missing on the problem box. www.dependencywalker.com Etienne
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    help me,I have something trouble

    Glad you got it solved! Etienne
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    help me,I have something trouble

    A couple of further questions based on the above: To clarify: 1) are you able to run the pre-compiled samples in the SDK using your current configuration of simconnect? (this will test proper connectivity). I would suggest you run the AI traffic sample and see if that works. 2) are...
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    help me,I have something trouble

    Odd that you are not getting any exceptions from SimConnect? Could be a dll mismatch if you can get the version but do nothing else. What is odd is that any errors should show up on the console end of the server. Do any of the examples in the SDK work? Etienne
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    Development platform?

    Tim, I'm a bit too far in what I'm doing to remove MFC at this point - and probably should have stuck with straight win32. The biggest problem is accessing the UI hooks in FS as it's only a bunch of hacks right now as nothing's exposed (that I know of anyway), and that doesn't make any UI...
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    Development platform?

    I use C# exclusively for external apps. I use C++ and MFC for in-process. I only use MFC for UI type stuff, which it makes just quite a bit simpler, and I'm not very good at it. In fact, I hate MFC with a vengeance - it's a huge time consumer. It's one of those where "only after you...
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    Making planes for FS2004

    Note on the crash, I had to turn off visual themes to get Gmax to behave correctly (read, not GPF or have visual artifacts) using any driver provided. Right click the shortcut, select properties, compatibility tab, check the box "disable visual themes" under display settings, that should get...
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    Placing AI controlled aircraft using VB.NET

    Int32 or UInt32 is the proper data type. Now, you can also use the [MarshalAs] attribute to use a different data type yet map to the DWORD. That works too. Yes, it's very ugly. Etienne
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    Constant updating of data - other possibilites than while(1) ? something in-process ?

    Gino, The information is buried deep inside the SDK help, and it's actually well explained once you know how it works :) First, you need to setup the data definition via AddToDataDefinition(). Lookup in the SDK documentation the epsilon parameter. This parameter lets you define how much...
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    Get GPS Map Image

    Surely we do not prevent ramblings on generalities of the possible, certainly untested stuff that only sounds like a good idea, yet by happenstance occurs on certain released products. Any ideas on coding hacks are of course indirectly suggested :) Eric, methinks you have in the above posts...