FSDeveloper Community Rules

The FSDeveloper Community is for those who wish to discuss development for flight simulators. It is a world-wide community and has folks from many different background and beliefs, who come together for this purpose. We seek to maintain a friendly environment in which all are welcome.

To enable this we have the following rules. These apply to both posts and user signatures. The rules are enforced by the administrators and moderators and their decision on any infraction is final.

We have zero tolerance for any obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, or threatening material. We have zero tolerance to trolling, spamming and personal attacks. In case of this behaviour those involved should expect to be banned from the community without warning.

We believe that some things are not appropriate to this community and these include matters such as religion and politics.

Any statement or comment in posts or signatures that invite or can reasonably be expected to invite comment or discussion on matters that are not considered appropriate to the forum will be subject to removal by the admin/moderation team.

You are welcome to include links to external web sites provided that these are directly flying related. Please do not stretch the boundaries. You should not include links to other sites, particularly if these are advertising products or services that are not directly flying related.

The content of signatures is subject to the rules above. In addition please keep them short. If you cannot get your meaning across in one or two lines of text then please think again.