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The FSDeveloper website is a community for Flight Simulator addon developers. The community is free to join for any developer. Not just a discussion forum, the FSDeveloper community comes with a wiki library complete with tutorials as well as a download section full of useful tools and objects.

Together with the benefits, there are also costs related to supporting and keeping this community alive. Costs that are one-time, such as forum software purchases, as well as recurring, such as our yearly bill to host the web server and provide for incoming and outgoing traffic.

Up to now these bills were paid almost exclusively by the administrators of our FSDeveloper community, but also by a small Google ad at the top of the page that offset a fraction, as we felt flooding the website with ads would never contribute to the friendly environment you are used to.

You will notice that our Google ad is no longer in place, partly because of a small issue with some spam links found on our wiki (that have since been removed) but mainly because we don't feel Google should dictate how we moderate our forum (they requested that we remove the spam links not only from our wiki, which we have complied with, but also remove all historical links which would have affected the useful history of changes made to wiki pages).

In these difficult times, we are now asking for your contribution, big or small. We assure you it will be much appreciated and wish to promise that any such funds will never find its way outside our FSDeveloper servers and will always be used to keep our beloved community running.

If you would like to be part of this cause and help us in running this site, please click on the button below. We thank you in advance!