ade 1.70

  1. Tatu

    FSX:SE Error at starting ADE 1.70.6042

    Hi. Suddenly I have gotten this kind of error: ADE has encountered an error in loading. This error will stop ADE from operating correctly. etc. Then the error is described in finnish, but says basically that the file name or a path is too long. No indication what file, and I can't find any...
  2. A

    changing navaids for stock airports

    I'm trying to use ADE 01.70.6042 (with ProKey) to edit the VOR/DME navaids in Thailand, Laos, and South Vietnam to match the historically correct TACAN channels that were used between 1966 to 1973. I have been able to use ADE to successfully edit navaids that are already included in addon...
  3. pifa2000

    ADE 1.70 won't load in P3D

    When I try to load ADE (as a administrator) 1.70 choosing P3D v.3.4.18 as the sim, I receive this error message: Doesn't mean anything to me! When I load ADE with FSX, it works fine. My PC runs on Win 10 64 bits. My user account has administrator rights. What could I do? Thanks.
  4. W

    P3D v3 Observation and questions regarding shadows....

    I was recently updating an add-on airport that I modified with ADE 1.70. The original included some old FSX scenery (static aircraft). I added some newer ORBX static aircraft and some static aircraft I had created from some older FS9 files using ModelConverterX. The newer ORBX aircraft all...