1. P

    P3D v4 how to control the indago UAS from joystick?

    Hi, guys I want to control the indago UAS to joystick in P3D v4.4. But I could not control it with a joystick. So, I have a few questions. 1. Can I control the indago UAS with a joystick? 2. Can I create the Quadcopter.dll in the PDK Project(c++) Thank you.
  2. Alex753

    FSX/P3D Songon-Té ,My private field (Drone captured!)

    Hi guys ! I'm proud to show you My first drone-Captured scenery , i never saw this concept anywhere, so I decided to test that ! Songon-Té is My private field in Ivory Coast , the runway is in dirt and her lenght is 800m (2624Ft) , it's hard to land there because of the Tree at the runway...