1. DirectDani

    FSEarthTiles = How should i do this properly?

    So basically, i have a project of this island located not far from Coepnahegn and Malmö. I have sharpened the Ground texture a bit, and i could also do a bit of colorgrading. But i really wanna know what type of masking or blending colours i need to use for this one. ( As shown on second picture...
  2. S

    FSX FSEarth Tiles not showing satellite Image

    I downloaded the FSEarth Tiles v 1.3 the current version. But no satellite image is being displayed. I edited the .ini file. But still its not showing the satellite image. Pls help. Thank you.
  3. R

    New FS earth tiles please!

    Arno, we know you're the man for the job, help us create our photoreal textures. xp2ortho is so refined compared to fserthtiles and sbuilderx , also google sats are so much better that bing! A up to date FSearthtiles with zoned zoom levels low res and high res around airports, please...