1. M

    Failure management in C++ / Virtual Cockpit gauge

    Hello, I'm working on a project with all gauges animated in 3dsmax, and controlled via "animations" written in XML inside modeldef.xml. For example: <PartInfo> <Name>mach_scale</Name> <AnimLength>90</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter> <Code>(A:Airspeed mach,machs)...
  2. SierraB

    [SOLVED] Restore modeldef from xanim file?

    As the title might suggest I was silly enough to lose my modeldef.xml, so now I wonder if there is any possibility to restore it either from the .x or the .xanim file? Background: Due to RL I had a somewhat longer break from FS. In the meantime I reinstalled my OS, did backups of all my...
  3. M

    Connect C++ variable to 3d cockpit via modeldef.xml

    Hi to all, I'm working on a 3d cockpit, following this "standard" procedure: create an XML variable in modeldef.xml file, using simulator token variables. Example: <PartInfo> <Name>needle_g_force</Name> <AnimLength>85</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter>...
  4. kalong

    APU Rotary Switch ( Solved ) and need another help

    I working on MV22B now working on APU Switch it has 4 position 0 crank/blank 1 stop 2 start 3 switch 4 blank this my code animation working good but command on APU I don't think this working cause there no reaction on apu indicator. another strange is if I apply this code to model there had...