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  1. P

    P3D v4 how to control the indago UAS from joystick?

    Hi, guys I want to control the indago UAS to joystick in P3D v4.4. But I could not control it with a joystick. So, I have a few questions. 1. Can I control the indago UAS with a joystick? 2. Can I create the Quadcopter.dll in the PDK Project(c++) Thank you.
  2. sniperfull

    P3D v4 Simconnect Data Requests.

    Hi, ive been trying to get altitude from the simulator using data requests. I've been following the SDK example and SDK documentation but ran into a problem. My results are not the same in WPF as it is in a WinForms example. Here is my data request code: The problem i'm having it that my result...
  3. sniperfull

    P3D v4 Simconnect returning incorrect data in WPF c# application.

    when using same code from the managed data request sample from the SDK i do not receive the same results. simconnect.AddToDataDefinition(DEFINITIONS.Struct1, "Plane Altitude", "feet", SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE.FLOAT64, 0, SimConnect.SIMCONNECT_UNUSED); // IMPORTANT...
  4. WarpD

    A question

    Is it normal for a gauge using SimConnect to have it's handle to SimConnect become invalid after a dialog (such as Options) has been opened and closed by the user? I asked this over in L-M's Prepar3D SimConnect forum and the only sound are the crickets.
  5. K

    SimConnect with P3D, SimConnectP3D confusion

    Coming from FSX/SimConnect I am a bit confused about SimConnect with P3D. I have downloaded the SDK. It contains a SimConnect.lib, but no SimConnect.dll (or do I have miss it?). From friends I know that there is a SimConnectP3D.dll developed by LM/Peter Dowson. I understand this is only needed...