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    P3D v4 Old Airfile and P3D

    I have an airfile of the ProjectAirbus (I think it was made for the FS9?) If I read the data on the AirEd, I just get 7 records in the AirFile. Where is the rest? I would like to edit the engine data? Thanks for your help! staju
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    P3D v3 Project Airbus A380 with Wilco A380 gauges?

    Hi, I've seen all the buzz about the wilco evolution vol 2 gauges in the pa a380 vc and it's great! However, i have the wilco a380 V2, and not the airbus evolution. And anyway, the PA A380 "Super Pack", from pilote virtuel crashes my P3D. So is there a way of inserting the wilco a380 gauges...