1. S

    FSX FSEarth Tiles not showing satellite Image

    I downloaded the FSEarth Tiles v 1.3 the current version. But no satellite image is being displayed. I edited the .ini file. But still its not showing the satellite image. Pls help. Thank you.
  2. MOUSY

    Semi-Automated Building Footprint Extraction from Satellite Imagery for Autogen Creation in FSX/P3D

    Resource download available here: Excuse the scientific research paper headline, but that's all I've been reading over the last few weeks! :D:D...
  3. MOUSY

    Semi-automated building footprint extraction from satellite imagery for Autogen creation in FSX-P3D 1.0

    In this resource I'll attempt to detail a method I have revised to semi-automatically produce autogen for FSX/P3D. Hopefully this will lead to some discussion and improvement that this entire community can benefit from. My results have been somewhat satisfactory using 2 different methods; one...