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sode jetway

  1. Apoorv Pal

    Unknown Property: "standard" 3DS Max P3D v5 SDK

    Hey, I am actually a Blender user and just need 3DS Max to get my SODE Jetways working. I have the jetway modelled in blender with all UV maps and PNG textures and I exported it to Collada and imported it in 3DS Max. I need some help setting up the Prepar3D Materials in 3DS Max. Is there a...
  2. Apoorv Pal

    SODE Jetways with Blender

    Hey, I saw a couple of threads about this but couldn't find a suitable reply yet. I tried importing one of the demo Jetways using Model Converter X to get it into collada (.dae) and then Blender (import collada) but I don't seem to see any bones and rigging. It would be amazing to have a...
  3. Albi

    SODE jetway fails to export from GMAX

    I have been creating a jetway and when I export from Gmax I get a series of errors- "No definition found for animation "SODE_Jetway_Root_Rotation_CTRL", "Ending an animation which wasn't started Node= BONE_ROOT. Anim = SODE_Jetway_Root_Rotation_CTRL CurAnim=" It keeps going for another 7 types...

    P3D v4 SODE Jetways and PBR ?!

    hello @12bPilot i made SODE jetways before and had to select skinned mesh in the material editor to get the jetway to support bones but now in P3D v4.5, i used PBR materials and there is no skinned mesh bool to check, when i dock the jetway it just switch between the STC and the skinned but...
  5. simulacionfly

    jetway project creation - payment

    Regards. We request a person with knowledge in realization of gates (jetway) for a project. An animated and functional model is required to place in the simulator. You are interested, write us in private to define price and delivery time. Thank you
  6. Albi

    SODE Jetway animations? (Solved)

    When I exported an animated SODE jetway from 3ds max, I get two files X file and Xanim. How do I make them into MDL? Because when I import X file into MCX, I see error saying No animation definitions found. I tried dragging and dropping to XtoMDL but didn’t work. Got a static jetway.
  7. pinkjr

    P3D v3 SODE Jetway

    I stopped using Gmax ages ago, and a LEGAL copy of 3DS is not within reach.....so modelling a gate kinematic model as I would like is out of the question. I would like to purchase a detailed jetway model with a 4096x4096 texture sheet that I can easily edit to my needs. Potentially two...