P3D v4 Autogen for Germany

This looks outstanding - my only critism is the colour of the trees - those look too bright green to my opinion...even if it may be spring here. Is there any option to make them more dark to fit into the scenery? If so, it would be perfect!
There is unfortunately no option... Except of changing the tree textures. I am using the Turbulent Design TerraFlora-Trees, but also ORBX Trees or the default trees would be an option.
But I also have to admit that it looks a bit better in the sim. The photoscenery itself is a bit dark, so the trees seem to be too bright.
It looks much more like this:
Man this looks so nice. One question: how did you get the trees to be so dense? My hand-annotated tree polygons never show trees at such wonderful density. I understand that your autogen is derived automatically, but is there some 'type' of assignment that you use that may be different from what I'm doing?
@George: No, you just need something like this: Click ;)
No, just kidding! I am already working on that, but... I can't give you much hope. I just don't have the data to avoid such problems, and I can't manage to manually shrink all the trees in the approach areas... That would take so much time...
Maybe this helps for you: Click

@Thralni: Yes, if you create the vegetation as polygons, you always have the same tree density. I am creating all the trees as vegetation rectangles with ScenProc. That takes much more time to create all the trees (partly more than 8 millioon trees per district), but it will look much better.
But you can convert the vegetation polygons to rectangular vegetation with a small ScenProc-Script:
ImportAGN|[your old agn-folder]|CREATEFEATURES
CreateAGNRectVeg|AGNTYPE="AGNPolyVegetation"|[your GUID]
ExportAGN|[your Sim version]|[your new agn-folder]
I hope this helps!
Thanks Matthias, that's certainly helpful! I'll try it out sometime soon and let you know. I had a feeling it was going to depend on using rectangles vs polygons, and so I did start placing them by hand as rectangles in some areas. But as you can imagine, this was exhausting and so I stopped... Your script should be a big help, thanks!
North Rhine-Westphalia is nearly finished, so it's time to show pictures from the north!

RAF Gutersloh:

And the border to lower saxony (transition to openLC...)

I think I can upload the autogen tomorrow. I think the problem with the autogen-free areas is now under control.